I did it. And when I do anything it is never partial, it is always fully and completely. So I managed to do this and fully integrate it hook, line and sinker. What, you ask, am I talking about? Well something that affects 98% of the population living on the planet. Are you ready for it…the human condition of the poverty consciousness.

Poverty consciousness, those two words that few of us want to talk about and fewer still want to admit they are affected by in any way at all. The fact is, 98% of the population have indeed accepted this energy into the physical expression of who we are and our belief system about ourselves. So to the 2% that have not accepted it, I applaud you, but the rest of this message is for everyone else…because the message clearly needs to get out!
The first thing that needs to be addressed is that the energy of the poverty consciousness was created by humans in order to control others. This is nothing new to us in this time, but it was the original energy of control to enter this universe. The original experience occurred well over tens of thousands of years ago and the current day expression is the cultivation of this creation. Well, I think this is one of the most successful creations to date…don’t you think? The second thing that is vitally important to know is that the poverty consciousness is not just about money, it actually affects each and every aspect of our conscious life. Yes, that is everything from our careers, our relationships, friendships, family life, money, residences and possessions but most importantly it affects how we value ourselves. This poverty conscious energy has sadly dictated our self worth and self respect.
So you may find yourself saying “I have all the money and possessions I could ever want”, but you have no one to share them with. You could have a great family and yet feel so lost and unfulfilled in your heart. You could have the most incredible relationships, yet have no money to create joyful experiences to enjoy. There are so many different expressions of the poverty consciousness now, because our nature as humans is to explore and experience as much as we can. When we began the original experience with this stream of consciousness, humanity was taught to accept illusion and believe in the mind that we have limitations and restrictions. Once our belief system was “up and running” it was then very easy for this poverty consciousness energy to run rampant and grow through the snowball effect as we dutifully shared this energy with all of our offspring for centuries. 
This of course is a very simple and almost crude description of the actual events that occurred, but you get the point. We have been taught to create our lives from the energy of the poverty consciousness and I am here to tell you there is a much better way. I have been frustrated for years now, being able to see people’s blocks with such clarity, right down to the actual energetic foundation that needed to be shifted in order for them to transcend the belief and the block. When I connect to a person and their Soul it is a complete connection where I am able to see the fullness of that Infinite Being. I am able to see the abundance of who they are and all that they have to offer the Universe, just by sharing themselves.
I have been doing this work my entire physical life here. Having profound conversations and unconsciously shifting other people’s energy when I was seven years old. This is who I am and what I do and I have been cultivating my abilities both consciously and unconsciously for the past 36 years. The most profound changes have come over the most recent years where I have been consciously working to understand more of who I am and what I have to offer myself and other Beings. I have been gifted with a number of teachers, some who took me places I would not have had the courage to go alone and some who took the work I did and the energy that I have and sadly chose to profess that it was theirs. For all of us, the past 24 months have been an intense course in standing in our own power and accepting who we are. And it was through these experiences that I realized I had managed to turn my energy and light down lower and lower to be what others told me or what they expected of me and of course this only happened because I chose to believe and accept their messages. 
My desire to be open and to want to “help” everyone landed me in my very own uncomfortable life. Always trying to be what others wanted me to be, I managed to learn how to block my energy and the power that I have within me. All because when I was truly myself it could make other people uncomfortable. The truth is that we all have a deep intensity of energy and power within us and most people are fearful of the full intensity of themselves let alone others. We tell ourselves that we are different than others and sometimes we even tell ourselves that we have more power than others. The truth is we each have the most pure and powerful energy of who we are. The most powerful energy to change anything we wish to change. The fear comes from the fact that we have been “taught” and programmed to “believe” that change and pure power is uncomfortable and challenging, but if we listen with our hearts we know the truth. 
There is deep discomfort and restlessness that so many of us feel when we know in our hearts that change is coming, yet we hold it off because our mind is telling us we are not ready or we are not worthy. The one thing I know for sure through all of the divine energy shifts and surges that we have all experienced over this lifetime is that when we have a deep fear and anxiety that we are confronted with, it is our Soul once again offering us another opportunity to become more aware and conscious of who we are. So we are able to value ourselves more deeply for what we have to offer this incredible universal creation, just for Being us – in our full expression. It is up to us whether we choose to accept the challenge and meet it head on or pass and wait for the next opportunity.
The journey has been long and challenging with obstacles that we often thought we were not going to make it through. And of course being the mind led Beings that we are, we would create intricate and masterful “plans” to try to go around an obstacle or maybe even try to avoid it all together. But now we know without a doubt that going at it straight on is what our Soul wants, it is what we in our true hearts want. Our inner self is screaming louder and louder within us to just “go for it” and BE who we are. Be who we BE!
No longer is the journey about trying to get someone else to see it from our perspective or to try and make them believe in our beliefs. Now is for the living and Being of who we are and experiencing why we came here. I came here to support transformation in those who are ready for it. I no longer need to try to convince people that they are ready. Those who are ready know it, they crave it so much that they dream of it, it is their first thought when they wake and the last before they sleep. I no longer need to support people on the path of transformation, the time for transformation is NOW so we can all live the life our Souls’ intended for us when we arrived here. 
This new transformation energy that is currently arriving in our spaces is why so many of us have felt completely disoriented and “spaced out”. This past week was so intense with feelings of being in a time warp, or feeling like we are falling through vortexes or even running on empty or the opposite of feeling like you could go forever on what you have within you. There have also been many experiences of being on completely different energetic levels than the person or people you are communicating with. They start to get that glazed look in their eyes when you are speaking or they do not want to listen, they only want to talk. When we try to go to levels where others are and our energy does not meet, there is a lack of words, like we don’t know how to speak. Likewise when we “try” to make something happen.  We are being gifted with the ability to clearly see who and what in our lives we have outgrown. Whenever we find ourselves drained after connecting with someone or something, we know there is no longer a match, confirming that whenever we find ourselves in a space that we have outgrown, we will always be shown. 
When I first began writing these messages it was with the intention to support whomever I could through the transformation journey. I would shift my energy so that I was able to be in a similar energy so I would completely understand on such an intimate and energetic level in order to give the most I could to everyone. Now I understand that to continue to do this is energetically exhausting for me and in turn it hinders and detracts from my personal journey. I now realize that my writing has changed and the messages are from a more pure expression of who I am, as this is where I now am. I choose to stay within my vibration at all times now, allowing my energy to always be in its full expression for both giving and receiving, knowing that hiding is only hindering my journey. I have chosen to fill my life with experiences that bring me great joy and to now offer the fullness of myself and my abilities to whoever chooses that experience. These choices are available to each and every one of us, but it is a choice and we do have to choose them and then take action to stay committed to them. 
Being the teachers and facilitators that many of us are, on a Universal level we must completely embody a particular energy in order to be able to share and teach that energy to any other conscious Being. I have experienced many teachers, mentors and guides who would tell me they were able to assist me with transforming a particular aspect, yet I would continue to have challenges with it, even when I had spent so much time working with them on it. It is through the very intense and very clear messages that I received over these past couple of weeks that have clarified so much for me. The only way that any teacher is able to facilitate, shift or ignite the change of energy within another Being, is if they fully embody the energy of the desired change.
On the path to consciousness it is inevitable that we will challenged with many opportunities to second guess ourselves and even to get off the path and remain stagnant. These offers are plentiful from the people around us, mostly because they like us just the way we are. And often they are worried that if we change then they will actually see all the things in their life that are not working the way they like. Often times we are helping to cover for them. We do these things with a desire to help, but in actual fact we are supporting stagnation in ourselves and in the others we are actually trying to help. The best we can do for ourselves, for other people, and for the Universe at large is to be true to our hearts. Be ourselves, do what makes us happy and follow the longings of our hearts that we have masterfully covered up through the lessons and experiences we have had throughout our lives. 
The simple aspect of Being you feels like the greatest challenge you will ever face. Everything changes, how you see yourself, how you value yourself and how you share yourself. Each of these aspects become full and pure and so much more potent, there are often no words necessary, it is just the feeling of the energy that runs through you. When you begin to embody these aspects, then you are then able to share the energy and how you see others, how you value others and what you accept from others will also change. It will no longer matter how creative the people around you are as they do their best to get you to remain in a position to support their journey. Because you will remember that doing that for them takes you out of the place in which you are offering all you can to yourself and those around you. Although you may question yourself and your choices often, it is just like any change, once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else or be anyone else. 
We are all amazing, infinite Beings who were created to see this Universe as a physical place to come and play. It was intended for us to enjoy all of the divine creations that we are able to witness and experience while interacting with such a diverse amount of Beings. My understanding is that each and every life stream is their own and that although we co-exist and enjoy each other we are not able to cross over. More specifically human souls are not able to experience physical life as an animal, insect, bird or any other. We are who we are and the vibration that we were created with is fundamentally different than any other. Deep connection and affinity for other creatures such as animals, birds, insects and such come from our inner nature and the unique compilation of energy that is who we are. 
For all of the years of effort and challenging experiences that we went through in our own personal effort to support anyone we could as this planet and the entire universe made the changes necessary to shift an entire existence towards consciousness, now we are being asked to play. Play like it was originally intended. Many of us do not know how to do this, but if you are committed to yourself and committed to learning how, the universe will always supply the support you need. Just like any experience, the true understanding and joy come from the journey. Now is the time to learn to remain in your power and remove any obstacles that restrict you from Being you. 
We have experienced all of the lessons necessary in seeing illusion and deciphering it from truth. Now it is the time to put our knowledge and wisdom into action and take the initiative to be ourselves. No one can do this for us. We have to do this ourselves, but we are never alone, our Souls are always there along with any other assistance we ask for. The choice is ours now, we are being asked to take a good look at our lives and see what changes we can make to create joy. Be honest, otherwise you only cheat yourself. Decide what people and experiences you choose to take along and which you choose to accept do not allow you to be yourself, so of course do not respect you. 
Take a moment to say your good byes and wish all of the experiences and people well on their path and then turn around and see the life you are moving into. You my need sunglasses until you get used to the brightness that you are finally allowing to shine! Relax your need to control anything, knowing that the Universe has much greater plans and possibilities is store for you than you could ever think of with the mind you are currently using. Be open to all of the gifts and messages that the Universe is continually supplying you with, from the bees who fly by to remind you that with commitment and determination you will enjoy the sweetness of success, when a deer crosses your path that you are being reminded to never mistake gentleness for weakness, when you hear the call of the crow you know that magic is around you and to expect the unexpected also confirming that there is indeed divine synchronicity behind the events that are occurring in your life. The universe has messages for us in abundance, it is up to us if we are choosing to acknowledge them. 
It is not my job to be everything to everyone. When I try to do that my energy is weakened and the value and fullness of what I am offering is never complete. It is no one’s job to be everything, we cannot be the perfect parent, sibling, employee, boss, friend, child and so on. The only thing we are meant to do is Be us. We Be the perfect us by being true to our path no matter what happens to others, knowing that their path is what they must choose for themselves. When we are ourselves some people will move on and others will stay. It is only appropriate to have the ones with us that offer a calm and comfortable energy because you are vibrating similarly and allowing each other to BE ourselves. This is where the divine connection comes from. This is where you will find the divine and perfect balance of energy that when in perfect connection you are able to give and receive energy in a perfect balance where each of you is. It is in this energy that we are able to learn, teach, give and receive on an infinite level in connection with our Soul, moving us into a more conscious awareness and existence. When we surround ourselves with others who respect us and allow us to be ourselves in exactly who we are, rather than someone they want us to be we are actually able to cultivate the inner contentment that we are all searching for. 
Now is the time to take stock of where you are and what you have in your life. Look at the life you have created for yourself up until now and make conscious decisions of what you choose to change. All of the empty nesters who still have bedrooms for their children filled with their “stuff”, are you facilitating them in holding onto the past with no need for change? Does this also make you feel like you still have a piece of them with you? I sit time for everyone to let go? To everyone who has those clothes in their closet that do not fit the body they are now in, are you withholding love from yourself until you once again look the way you used to or the way you “think” you should? Time to face it, you are not the same person you used to be, you are more amazing, more incredible, more aware of who you are and who those around you are…you are so much more and it is time to accept that. To everyone who is still limiting your beliefs based on what you were told in a past relationship, it is in the past for a reason…you outgrew it and you decided you wanted more from your life, accept that and accept that you deserve more from your present and future than anything you have experienced in your past. Your past was exactly what taught you that. These are all examples of how the poverty consciousness has affected many, these are all beliefs that we can transform so we are able to Be our true selves.
When you make decisions as you go about your day see if your choices are a reflection of you and your desires or if they are a reflection of your old and outworn belief system. You can always change your mind. This universe was created for you to enjoy it, not just everyone else. So instead of asking “why me” or “why not me” change your attitude to “how can I make that happen for me?”. The fundamental law that Energy follows Intention will always guide you. Choose where you wish to focus your energy, is your choice serving your greatest good? Always knowing deep within your heart that when you choose to be true to yourself then you already are in divine service no matter what you are doing!
From the Heart,