The tricks that the mind plays are often thought to be that of the imagination, however with the current unfolding of events it is becoming increasingly clear that our minds are not only transforming they are indeed searching. Searching for a way to bring clarity and a sense of balance that comes from knowing exactly where we are going. Currently we are poised in the midst of such great change that we often find ourselves questioning everything and everyone. 
There is a deep inner understanding of just how far we have travelled on our journey. Acknowledging and accepting all of our lessons as we have travelled along our path. Experiencing moments of utter joy and love along with contrasts of challenge and melancholy. Each and every lesson has been laid out before us in the hopes from our Souls’ that we would remember who we are and why we chose to come here now. Learning and accepting that we will always be challenged and supported no matter what direction we choose. Our journeys’ have now brought us to this pivotal point in which we are being prepared to accept the fullness of who we are and act from that understanding with clear and pure intent.
It is the knowing that this is coming that is causing the current frenetic energy within this grand and seemingly fathomless universe. We have travelled far and wide while learning skills and gaining much knowledge and wisdom along the way. We are currently in a period of “holding” energy (this is not the exact word for the energy, but there is not a closer word…). This period is allowing us time to really focus on creating what we actually wish to experience. 
For many of us our past learning and experiences have caused us to be in constant motion, always in expectation of what is going to happen next. Knowing that we will be called to jump ship and begin anew has happened so frequently. And although this has been the pattern for most of this life we now find ourselves in a completely different energy and experience. This energy is what is causing us to hover between the old and the new. It is often extremely uncomfortable, especially for those who are comfortable with the feeling that  movement is the best and most effective way of approaching anything.  Although movement is what has allowed us to arrive at this pivotal point, it is holding, reflection and intense dedication that we are now being offered. Just like all shifts and transitions, we are exactly where we need to be. 
Although this energy that we are experiencing seems like we are standing still and often being blocked from moving forward is in fact a “safe” zone. A place in which we are being challenged beyond anything we have ever experienced before. We have been asked to create the life we have always wanted, but now we are being challenged over and over again by our Soul to really reflect on what we truly want. So this feeling of having travelled so far as to arrive upon the doorstep with excitement, but then being told to simply wait there until the door opens has caused a rollercoaster ride of emotions. These emotions are the indicators of all of the aspects of our old selves that we are being challenged to release.
We are being asked to perfect our creations of the life we wish to experience with as much purity and clear intent as we are capable of. This is something we have never experienced before, being able to take the reins and create what we have always dreamed. For that reason alone it would be enough to cultivate feelings of apprehension and uncertainty, then just add in a bit of the power of creation and this phase becomes almost comical in its constant rise and falling of emotions. Some days we feel as though we have had enough and want to tear open the door in front of us and get on with it and yet there are others in which we are sitting on the stoop questioning our choices and directions along with our motives and intentions. 
This process of second guessing ourselves is nothing new and is the one final aspect that indeed holds us back form creating our very perfect physical reality. When humanity was originally created there was no energy of second guessing or feelings of apprehension, there was a mingling of curiosity, pure intent and openness that led everyone to the experiences that were most appropriate for them alone. We have forgotten these simple intentions through our maze of mental clutter, this has caused our minds to move in twists and turns that our instincts would rather not waste energy on.  So we are waiting while we accept that it truly is our hearts that lead and not our minds.
Our Souls’ understand the necessity of this valuable lesson along with the entire Universe and all of the Beings who call this home. They understand beyond a doubt that this phase is not only important to humanity but also to the entire universal experience as it unfolds.  The most effective way to promote purity and clarity in a mental Being is to repeat the same experience over and over again until the correct answer expresses itself. Once the correct answer is expressed it is still repeated over and over so that we are able to accept the correct answer as truth and begin to cultivate that feeling within our hearts. A very similar experience to a job interview, where you are asked to same question repeatedly in a variety of ways to ensure that you are in fact committed to the answer.
This is the energy we are now experiencing on a global and universal level. We are being questioned repeatedly as to what we really want while being offered time to understand the complexity and fullness of the possible outcomes our creations may include. All of this is in a clear attempt to allow for a creation that is the most fulfilling for each of us.   Even through all of the newfound learning there is an undeniable inner peace that we are becoming more comfortable with, knowing that it is a divine and profound aspect of our new selves. Even when experiences have us reeling and grasping for understanding and clarity, our internal energy is no longer challenged as it once was. 
In so many ways we have become completely new people. Those who now choose to express ourselves from a place of pure potential and personal power with such clear intentions. We are not the same people in any way and there are moments that this is staggering and others where we find a deep comfort and joy in this knowing. We are being urged to look and see just how truly amazing we are and just how far indeed we have travelled on our path. As we become comfortable with our new found power of creation and allow ourselves to accept this new aspect as part of who we are, we will continue to experience a variety of challenging yet thrilling experiences. 
We must always remember that we are never offered more than we are capable of experiencing, accepting and integrating into who we are. And now is the divine and perfect time to really challenge the dreams that we have for ourselves. Are they really as full as we can make them? Are we leaving room in our creations for our continued growth? Are we able to ask for what we really desire with comfort? Are we sure that what we are asking for is what our heart really desires? Are we committed to our path above all others?
I have never received as many emails as I have in the past few weeks, they are in plentiful supply each day. Everyone with questions and comments regarding where they are and wanting confirmation in one way or another that the path they are choosing is in fact the most appropriate for them. I will say that if you are asking, you are definitely on the path to getting the answers, they are deep within your heart and just waiting to emerge. Release any and all fears you have and slowly allow yourself to accept the amazing possibilities that are available to you. When you accept them, you will then be able to experience them. 
We are all deserving of any and every experience we choose. The only way to create our experiences is from a pure and clear intent. If you approach your creation from a place of wanting or desiring what others have or being determined to be as good as another and as deserving as they are, your creations will fall short. You must accept that you deserve simply because of whom you are and what you have to offer. Offering the fullness of yourself to everyone your path connects with each and every day, no matter how small you perceive it to be. Every encounter we have is an opportunity to share who we are with the world, even ordering your coffee or tea at the drive-thru. Use each of your opportunities to express who you are with integrity and you will soar as each of these encounters is all part of the creation process and the underlying foundation you are building to support your creations.
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Wishing you all peace and harmony as you experience these divine aspects of a shifting universal experience; knowing you are exactly where you have chosen to be, learning the lessons that will allow you to soar to heights you are not even yet aware are possible.
From the Heart,
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