The last four weeks have been erratic and eventful…to say the least. Similar to riding an ever changing rollercoaster with a myriad of twists, turns and inversions and seemingly it has no limits or boundaries. No boundaries, a definite part of what we are being shown now. It is a matter of choosing to accept this fundamental aspect of creation as truth that is causing so much of the restrictive feelings and experiences of late. The intensity of these new lessons is reminiscent of the intense “in your face” energy that we experienced in the second half of 2009. The current energy experience holds one very special new vibration, we are now consciously aware of more universal truth…essentially “we know more’.
The energy infusions we are now experiencing are asking us what we have chosen to do with the awareness, knowledge and wisdom we have gained on our path. Especially the knowledge we have gained through our personal experiences since June of 2009. I think it would be interesting to go back in astrology to see what was occurring during that phase, but a task for another time. Whether we have chosen to be more stubborn or have chosen the ability to make wiser decisions for ourselves are the fundamental lessons we are being faced with currently. The energy of the past four weeks has not only taken us to new heights of awareness in ourselves it has also offered us a glimpse into our futures; something that has been unavailable to us for the past few years now.
We are creators and we are now being called forward to create the physical life we want. Excitingly all of the awakening experiences we have gone through have been in preparation for this event. Our new awareness and understanding of fundamental Universal laws allows us to be much more naturally and “comfortably” in alignment with all Divine energy, so when we create our lives, they truly are amazing. We always know when we are not in alignment because our creations never take form, they simply loose energy. We are being asked to now go above and beyond in our creations being sure to incorporate all that we have learned along the way. This is the fundamental intention of knowledge; that you use it
With every new energetic infusion we experience as a physical human there is most often an imbalance that occurs. This is simply because the intensity of each shift is accepted and integrated at different frequencies, speeds and overall comprehension. This process is different for each and every person and it is also different in our own selves. For this reason we tend to experience a variety of physical manifestations that reflect the internal shifting and energetic processes we are experiencing. 
For more serious alerts and physical concerns it is always best to seek the guidance and knowledge of a medical doctor as they truly are miraculous when it comes to the physical form. There are also a number of other indicators we experience and although they can be frustrating they are indeed a part of the process. Frustration is essentially the minds way of resisting change or wanting to control something and not being able to. The variety of physical indicators are endless; anything from “cold feet”, to instant and drastic changes in body temperature, a kink in the neck, drastic and seemingly instant weight loss or gain, the inability to digest specific foods we comfortably could just a couple of days prior. There is also in many an increasing aversion to smells while many others have experienced intense bouts of depression. Although the depression that is occurring this time is not lasting as long as in prior years, it seems to have a greater intensity that often takes you by surprise. Each of these experiences are the body’s way of processing, accepting and integrating the new level of conscious awareness and understanding we are being offered. Please know that although these are aspects of the awakening journey, they can be very challenging and if at any time you need help and or support, you are being encouraged to do so.
Each conscious Being processes energy differently and this is when many of us find our personal balance is off kilter. How our Soul, which is essentially the essence of who we are accepts and integrates energy, vastly differs from how our bodies process energy. For this reason there are many people who are not only disconnected from their bodies for periods of time, but who essentially find the whole transition process much simpler if they choose to not focus on one aspect or another. And this is how you get the extremes and differences between people, some who are seemingly dramatically aware of energy and connection and others who are content to be seemingly oblivious. In fact neither of these is true, it is all the perception with which we choose to accept truth. 
The truth of the matter is we need nothing other than awareness of self to journey towards enlightenment. For instance, “grounding” is a term many people have used in the world of healing, energy integration and conscious awareness for decades now.   And although this energy is useful there are many who misunderstand the actual vibration and intention of grounding energy. Grounding is not something we receive from an outside source. The true energetic vibration of “grounding” is an awareness of the integration of an increase in Soul energy within our physical form. 
It is a “trick” of the mind through the power of the ego aspect of self that leads us to believe we “need” something to attain anything, even grounding. Alcohol, bread, chocolate, coffee, smoking, tea (even the decaf version) and any other processed food. Even natural organic food that is processed in a food processor shifts the energetic compilation that the food was intended to hold upon its creation. All of these processed substances are stimulants and rather than serve as grounding energy they in fact remove the ability for the physical self to “consciously” connect with the purity of our Soul energy in fullness. This does not mean we should never enjoy any of these things, it means that our intention when enjoying them be just that, to enjoy. When we choose this experience we are not grounding our energy, we are actually “taking a conscious break” from our energy. If that is what you choose, know that it is perfect; for the simple fact that we are free will Beings with the ability to choose each and every experience on every step of our journey. 
There are however many variations of grounding and integration support that are always available and will always show up for us, if we just simply ask. There is a diverse assortment of crystals that accelerate grounding energy; there are also some aspects of energy modalities that are quite helpful. The most effective source I have found are a number of people who are here to support humanity in this aspect. These Souls have within their essence a fundamental understanding of the intrinsic flow of energy; and they arrived here to specifically support this aspect of the awakening process. Their personal nature is to assist energy integration in human bodies. You are very lucky when your path crosses with one of these people, as they are amazing in their talent and ability to aid others in grounding and integration. They are masters and it is always amazing to experience one when they have awakened to their true power. I have had the miraculous experience of meeting two of these wonders at different points in this life so far.
If one of these masters is not in your “space”, it simply means that you have not asked or that grounding energy is not necessary for you right now. Water is also an excellent form whether we choose to drink it, bathe in it, swim in it or have a shower; the vibration of true water energetically reminds us of the purity of flow and the ability we have within us to connect with the divine flow. Not surprising that an astonishing amount of the human physical creation is comprised of water…nothing was or can be created without a full understanding of the entire creation and all of the aspects.
This new energy infusion that we have recently received and are still continuing to integrate, is for us to be extremely clear and knowledgeable so we are able to set a specific intention for our actions. The clear and very specific intention is vitally important for any creation to unfold as it was intended; of course this is the very intense learning process for the upcoming creation process that we will soon be entering. Just like anything we have ever experienced, if we did not know or understand everything about an experience before we made a choice within it, there most always are interesting surprises along the way. And for this reason alone we are also being affronted with numerous visions, dreams and reoccurrences of prior experiences in which our attempt at creation fell short. All of this is in an attempt for us to be as consciously aware as possible as we begin to create.
This is all part of the journey of clarity and purity that are such vital aspects to the fundamental energetic creation of truth. It is in these vibrations that we will not only uncover the knowledge and wisdom we have gained from years of physical experience but allow for the acceptance and integration of the Soul history as well. This combination is the true and powerful force that allows for the power of the creation process to be uncovered from within us. We are creators; we were created to create the experiences we desire. Through the intense and very dense energy that the current physical experience has brought us to, we have forgotten this innate ability that lives within the heart of our Soul, within the being-ness of who we are on an energetic and fundamental level. 
In order to truly create, we must first have the wisdom and memory of who we are and the knowledge of what we wish to experience. Humanity does not have the ability to create physical “things” such as matter or for lack of a better word “stuff”. Humanity has the ability to create experience. It is in the experience that man is able to piece together different aspects of created materials to form a physical manifestation of their desired experience. It is very often in the misconception, misrepresentation and misunderstanding of universal laws that allow our creations to fall short. This is essentially because we are missing valuable knowledge and wisdom that when we choose to remember and accept this we will then begin to see and understand all the pieces of the puzzle. Then the creation process not only ignites and amplifies, it becomes explosive with the amount of pure energy that is behind it. Purity, being one of the most fundamental aspects of the creation process.
I along with my non-physical friends will be sharing a variety of set-backs and accelerators in the creation process in our Soul Series workshop The Power of Creation. We will also be sharing a more in-depth understanding of the process and how it works. If you are interested in learning more about this fundamental aspect of consciousness, please visit our Soul Series Workshops page for more information.
We have all had mirrors which are essentially our very own opportunities to learn through experience, these have been designed individually for us directly from our Soul. Mirrors are essentially the lessons we learn from the relationships and experiences within our lives.   These lessons are often frustrating and challenging to our mind or “ego” and are divine and perfect in their intention and inception as they unfold on our path. For example; I managed to gain twenty pounds over the past two months, most of it during the last four weeks of integration. My mental idea of grounding…which happens to be eating, is essentially me choosing to allow my emotions to run the show as they are screaming “take a break” from all of this new energy. Which of course is a definite pattern I have chosen to repeat for years; and is only now something I am choosing to see in the fullness of what it really is. 
We all have our own ways of digging in our heels and resisting the change we have asked for. Funny how we ask for something and when it shows up we do our absolute best to resist the changes. This experience just happened to be one of my many lessons during the past four weeks, there are many more…but I do not need to bore you with them all. But I will say this, this particular aspect and lesson for me was also a fantastic mirror showing me just how powerful not only my perception of the physical body is but the intensity in which it is alive in so many people. It was a definite “ouch” to the ego to admit that I still put so much attention into my personal physical perception (even though most days I forget to look in the mirror before I go out) there are still physical aspects of myself that I am uncomfortable with. It is in the awareness and more importantly the acceptance of each mirror that enables us to transcend that lesson and transform our energy into a deeper balance of Soul energy and physical existence integration.
Acceptance is not just a word or a mental understanding with a few special notes we made because our experience is so “unique from everyone else’s”. You know when you decide that you have to have the Ferrari because it is the only perfectly created vehicle and you simply want the joy of experiencing that. When in actual fact you first have to accept and appreciate each of the natural creations first.  It is not enough to look at a sunset and see the physical beauty, you have to go within and connect with the vibration of it to really understand it. This is not a difficult process, it is something you have been doing on a Soul level for your entire existence; we are going to be talking about this energy extensively in the Soul Series workshops for anyone who is interested in consciously understanding this connection a little better. 
Acceptance is an actual created vibration that has its own energetic frequency. You can actually resonate with it, in fact this is the only true way to experience it. Just like all created energies they have their own unique vibration, for example; love, compassion, respect, understanding, joy and truth. They each have their own vibration, which is a huge “key” to pure communication within this universe. This is how each and every one of us if we choose to be aware will always know when something is “not right” in a situation. Many of us have had near death experiences and exceptional incidents that allow us to see that there are great amounts of power and energy all around us.  Even when we are speaking with someone and “know” they are not telling us the truth.  It is evident in each of the synchronicities of our everyday life whether we choose to be aware of them or not is of no consequence, they will always continue.
For the first time in a very, very long time; over 35,000 years in fact. We are being supported and very pointedly being taught (the human side of us, the Soul is simply remembering) to follow our feelings and intuition rather than our thoughts. The world is transforming one feeling at a time. It is a miraculous experience and although there are moments where we all find ourselves questioning who I am, why I am here and what I am doing to make a difference? Our heart always comes out a winner over the mind and allows us the comfort of knowing what we are doing is the best we can each day. This is perfectly divine from the universe’s perspective and our Soul’s so it is good enough for us too. Know each of our Souls expect nothing more from us than doing the best we can each and every day. Our best will change and shift with each experience we have, but it is always our best…which of course has its own energy as well!
From the Heart,
You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was universally intended to be. For more information on Michelle and her work, please visit