Here I go again on my own…these lyrics from a song that was originally recorded in 1982 then re-recorded in 1987 seems to be the mantra that has led us through much of the past few years.  The song was actually re-recorded again in 1988 where it finally became a number one hit.  Just like the journey of this particular song we are all beginning to reach the place in our lives where we will be the number one hit.


Try and try again has been our motto.  Keep going, even when you feel like you are running on empty.  Stay focused on the goal, no matter how many times the goal seems to change or shift in ways we often had not chosen, but was decided for us.  Feeling as though we had no power in our lives over our choices that were as simple as what to eat and as complicated as choosing new directions for the constant changes that our lives were experiencing.  Feelings of helplessness, frustration and giving up were part of the path.  Loved ones leaving our path to stay focused on their journey and some whose time arrived to cross over and once again experience a complete soul existence. 


No matter who was coming and going into or out of our lives, we often felt like we were at the centre of the storm and one small step out of the centre and we would be dragged into the uncertainty and illusion that are constantly swirling around us.  As much as these have been trying and challenging times, they have also been infinitely miraculous.  It may be hard for the mind to believe or even see sometimes, but everything is not only in divine and perfect order, it is unfolding in a way that is …well actually, it’s unbelievable!


Through each and every lesson and experience we have undergone during the awakening journey we have learnt aspects about ourselves that are not only remarkable, but they are fundamental to the changes that are occurring on the universal level.  Each time a loved one chose to separate from our path to follow their own, we were shown that as much as we perceived we are alone, in our hearts we know we are never alone.  Each time we chose to separate our path from those who we perceived we needed or they needed us, we learned that we are much stronger than we ever thought we were.  


Our old any outworn perceptions of leaving others behind because they do not know better began to shift into the fundamental understanding that we are all just different, not better or worse, just different.  This lesson taught the value of acceptance, accepting ourselves and others for who we are, releasing the illusion.  In that lesson also comes the vital and fundamental realization that anger had begun to dissipate for us.  Through all of the lessons we have endured and the paths we have chosen to cross and often re-cross, there is always the direct intention from our Souls’ that we would release the need to be angry at ourselves and then at others. 


The experiences and frustrations on a mental and emotional level challenged everything we had believed about ourselves…sometimes over and over again.  Until our Soul was sure that we clearly understood how strong and amazing we are and how valuable our energetic contribution is to this universe.  The only way we could ever understand from the basic and fundamental level that was necessary was to travel through the adventures all on our own.  We learnt how to be self sufficient and not have any attachment to people, places or things, so that when we do experience anything from a relationship to a meal we are in the moment and appreciating everything for what it is and not from the outworn perspective of how it all relates to us.  Accepting our path and following our intuition no matter what anyone else has or had to say or do about.  Even at times, feeling like you have ascended past others or others telling you they don’t think you should disconnect from the physical so far.  Learning to respectfully thank them for their perspective, knowing that is their journey.  While maintaining your unwavering dedication to your journey and continuing on your path knowing your Soul is always guiding you to the experiences that are perfect for you. 


Ahhh…the divine plan is so perfect, allowing each of us to see more and more of the big picture just as soon as we were ready.  Our Souls allowing each of us to decide when that time would be for us, pushing only when we needed some assistance, never giving us more than we could handle.  Even though the mind was screaming to stop, the heart was allowing in ways we had never before experienced.


There are still changes occurring and challenges being offered from the Soul to us for aspects that we have not fully accepted or seen about who we really are.  This is divinely planned and is unfolding perfectly.  There is no need to worry if you will awaken on time, or if your journey will be faster or slower than another.  You are exactly where you and your Soul have chosen to be and that in itself is perfect.  The connection with the Soul on a physical level has become increasingly powerful, allowing us to follow our instincts with a much greater ease than ever before.  This is the divine connection to our Souls that we have been searching for…it has been happening right under our noses for the past eight years.  Sometimes we were aware of the divine process and at others we were oblivious, and of course where we were was always perfect for our journey.


The perfection comes not only in the understanding of each experience but also in the underlying paradox that the mind is never able to fully comprehend, but the heart is able to completely accept as truth.  We have done it, travelled to the deep dark depths of who we thought we were only to unravel the illusion and reveal to ourselves the hidden gem we found within.  So have all of the challenges and experiences been worth it?  There are no words to describe just how much.  Through the determination we have all held in our hearts along with the rest of the Beings who reside in this Universe, now we have the opportunity that has been planned for thousands of years.  Hard to believe, is truly an understatement.  We did it, together.  Each and every one of us had to play our divine part in the whole production, but we did and we stayed focused at our heart level with the devoted support of our Souls, the Angelics and any other guides and Beings who chose to be with us. 


We are in the final stages of the inner transformation, going through whatever aspects of illusion that we still hold to.  The shift now will be to the external expression of who we are.  This is something that being human has taught us to be very comfortable with.  However there will be drastic changes to how we now do this as it is all based upon the hidden internal gems we have uncovered through our journey.  The external process has already begun on a universal level, which of course it must in order to support the occurrence for humanity.  We have seen many examples of this from earthquakes and tropical storms to the unravelling of governments and so on.  There are deep changes occurring now, ones that will support the change of how we express ourselves and share the gift of who we are with the world.  This is true for every physical expression in this Universe, from people to corporations to governments, a healthy balance of giving and receiving on all levels are the only expressions that will be supported. 


How we physically live is changing.  The physical is coming into a divine balance in which everyone is equally sharing and receiving.  Manufacturers will be supported to produce natural and supportive products; chemicals will eventually be eradicated form the planet. How and what we eat will change as we become more aware of who we are and how we feel.  This will also affect where we live and how we travel.  The value of money will change.  Our communication techniques will shift and be constantly adjusted to the new levels of awareness that are accepted.  How we care for ourselves and others will naturally shift as we become a greater external expression of the new us.  Many of these shifts have already begun and just like our internal shift they take time.  To say exactly how much time, it has not been decided, it is something we will just have to wait and see as it unfolds. 


This is the time many have been waiting for.  The time when we are able to simply be who we are and in that place share and receive with others no matter where either of us is on our journey.  Soon it will no longer matter how different our paths are, we will all accept and be accepted for who we are right where we are.  This is the fundamental change that many of us have been waiting for; in fact it is often what we perceived to have kept us going over our awakening journey.  Now we know that it was our connection to our Soul that allowed us to persevere and challenge our illusions for the truth that we have always had within.


The mind is still playing its little tricks on us, always testing us to ensure we are always ready and prepared with whatever may appear on our path.  This is so the energy of divine change is always active and therefore will always be easily available to any who choose it.  The wonderful aspect is that now we are able to accept it and perceive it for what it is at a much faster pace and with a deeper clarity.  As long as we remain focused on ourselves and refrain from any attachment or judgement of others we are centered.  Being there to support others is a thing of the past, if they ask we will always graciously reply and offer, but it is no longer appropriate to offer as we are no longer needed nor do we need to be needed any longer. 


Our places are changing along with our aspirations and dreams.  Ones that we have had for years now may have recently resurfaced only to show themselves with a different expression or direction.  New opportunities are arising from all directions, seeming as though everything is available to us.  Of course this increased influx is challenging to the mind to be able to stay focused and know what the correct path is.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride for the moment, accept the opportunities that are showing themselves to you.  Really acknowledge and accept when you are doing something that makes you the happiest or when you are with someone who makes you the happiest.  Acknowledge the people that your Soul is so divinely guiding you towards and guiding towards you.  Everything is preparing for the new alignment of external expression. 


Just like with any new energetic infusion there is first always much confusion then a settling down occurs as we become accustomed to the new.  So now even with all of the change occurring around you, doors being closed and others being opened, relationships beginning and ending, just sit and watch.  Participate without judgement as you watch what divine gifts your Soul is so excited to be able to finally offer you!  There is no need to get carried away in the excitement and rush of energy that is currently presenting itself.  This is all part of building a solid and steady foundation in order to eventually erect the full expression of life that is planned for each of us.  So accept the amazing gifts that are coming to you, even if they are hidden in closing doors and know in your heart that one is closing because there is another that is not only better it is perfect and abundantly in alignment with you and your Soul.   


I am told that we will have a much clearer understanding of the changes and be able to accept them and integrate them into our lives on the new moon of Sunday, April 3rd, 2011.  So I leave you to enjoy the week and all of the amazing gifts that it holds for each of us.  In love and excitement over this new and dynamic divine experience, I look forward to sharing as much as I am able with you all.


From the heart,


You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be. 

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