As we find ourselves on the cusp of a new spring or a new fall depending upon where you are located in the world, it is also very clearly the beginning of a new level of conscious awareness in the awakening process.  We have all come to a point in time where there are synchronicities occurring that are causing us to look outside of our outworn ways of being; which in turn is often outside of our comfort zone as well.  This is all part of the Universe’s divine plan.  We are repeatedly being offered possible options and opportunities to learn how to remain in our true energy and essence of being no matter what is happening in the world around us, near or far.  It is not about ignoring situations that are arising for us or others, it is rather seeing them for what they are, having compassion while still being able to respect the position of ascension that we or those around us have chosen to experience.  Learning to know when it is their experience and not ours is the illusion we are being called to see and breakthrough.  Time and again we are being urged to release others to their path and remain focused on our own energy, our own intentions, actions and reactions.


Focusing on ourselves is often challenging and can at times feel overwhelming.  Again this is all part of the illusion we have created for ourselves.   There lives in many people a deep feeling of loyalty to a greater purpose, similar to a tangible longing that is deep within our Soul.  Along with the deep draw towards fulfilling our inner purpose there is often a sense of never quite measuring up to the part that we feel to be our true path.  This is another one of the imbalances we are repeatedly being shown now.  In addition we are being given the opportunity to see how important we truly are and that we do in fact have the energy and strength to overcome our illusions and restore our internal balance.  The history of humanity is filled with experiences and intentions of manipulation which fulfilled the purpose to control others and ourselves through judgement or fear in order to keep hidden the gifts that lie within each and every Soul.  This equinox energy that is being offered to us is leading us all to not only uncovering the illusion that is hidden within each of us but it is also intended that we gain the knowledge and wisdom that go along with uncovering illusion in order for us to share our gift with the world and support the current shift in consciousness.


For many this seems like the most challenging action to ever partake of simply because for so long we have accepted as truth the illusions that have been offered to us.  These so called “truths” are varied in words and actions but all have an underlying energy of fear.  Fear that we are not worthy of sharing who we are, nor will we be appreciated or accepted once we do.  There is also fear of becoming lost in a world that does not understand who we are and how we feel.  There is also one other aspect that we are being challenged with and for many it goes against everything we have believed to be true for our entire lives.  The fact that connecting with our Soul will bring awareness to past indiscretions or wrong doings and that we will be judged by our very own Soul.


There are a number of reasons that we are being urged to see the truth beyond this illusion.  Firstly, we are all important; no matter who we are or what we have done, we are loved and supported.  We will never be condemned by our Soul; in fact we are always regarded in the highest possible way with love, compassion and respect.   There is nothing that we can do or have ever done that would cause the Soul to judge us.  We are always supported by our Soul and the Soul is always available to us offering support and options for us; it is always our choice which direction we eventually decide on.  No matter which direction we choose we will always learn more about ourselves and the world around us and gain the knowledge we set out to learn when we chose to arrive here for this human experience.  The aspects of consciousness that are currently occurring are the same for everyone.  The differences that occur are found in our personal history and through the choices we make.  No matter what path we choose, the fundamental lesson we are being challenged with is the same as every other conscious Being; it is up to us to decide how challenging or simple our lesson will be.  If we find our self choosing the seemingly tougher road, have faith that that was the path that was required for this stage for our path.  In other words, we needed a fortified lesson for this particular aspect of consciousness and at another time we will have the option of a smoother road…the choice is always ours.    


How we choose to see our experiences is all based upon our past knowledge and experience; which is essentially our history.  Our history consists of both physical and non-physical experiences; from our Soul and energetic experience to our human DNA and mental experiences.  When we make decisions to go in any given direction we are heavily influenced by each of these aspects of ourselves.  The balance we choose to lead with is up to us as individuals and is always a reflection of where our conscious awareness is in the moment of our decision.  It is important to know that the Soul never judges any of this process nor the decisions that arise from it; rather the Soul simply is a spectator and your most loyally devoted fan.  During the process of being a “spectator” the Soul will always offer compassion, love and respect to us simply for being their physical expression.  From the Soul perspective, there is neither attachment to the outcome nor any pity towards us or desire to change the outcome to what they perceive as a better or more suited experience. 


All decisions on the physical plane are ours alone.  Your Soul made the decision to have a physical experience; at which time, your Soul along with other Souls and non-physical Beings mapped out the parameters of your physical existence.  From this basic outline and intention your life began to unfold.  Every day there are countless opportunities offered to us, but the choices are very much that of the individual person.  The Soul will always whisper words of wisdom and offer alternating perspectives because this is the role of our Soul when we are in a physical experience.  To be there whenever we need help and even when we don’t remember to ask and sometimes forget to ask altogether.  We are never left alone, even when we think we are.  It is always the perspective in which we choose to see how the experience is unfolding before us that is the method in which we learn.  Have we chosen the path of illusion or that of conscious truth?


Our degree of consciousness and truth is in constant motion; it changes in each moment as we learn something new.  Every experience we have is meant for us to learn, which in turn offers us knowledge and wisdom to make our next choice.  And so what can be perceived as a perpetual state that we are stuck in is in fact a constant unfolding of our conscious awareness.  A process in which we become more and more aware of our who we are, what our intentions are and the energy that is around us.  All of the knowledge and wisdom of the entire Universe is available to each and every one of us; it is just a question of remembering who we are and why we are really here that will enable us to access it.  Again another expression of our illusion that has manifested itself in allowing us to believe that we are unable to connect to our Soul, that there are only masters that are able to become fully conscious or that we are not worthy.  The Soul connection is available to each and every human being, sometimes we just need a little assistance to remember how to do it and what it feels like.  It does not mean we cannot do it, it simply means that our mind has created that illusion and we have the power to uncover the connection through truth.


You are worthy just because you exist.  You were created to exist.  You were created from a divine energy of love directly from your Soul to simply BE you.  That is an important aspect to remember.  Not only were you birthed by the parents that you chose in this life, you were created much more in advance of that, directly from the purity of your Soul.  The energy of love that you were created in is the most pure and divine energy there is in existence.  It is unlike any individual Soul energy or that of any conscious Being, from the Angelics to the Creator Gods.  Love is a created aspect of this Universe; it has a life force all on its own.  The vibration of love is light and pure with a depth that is astounding for an energy that is so flowing, in fact I have never felt another vibration that even comes close to that of pure love.  There is no pity, or desire in love, it simply is.  And most importantly it is available to any and every Being in this Universe at all times. 


Within the vibration of love we will find the power to know who we truly are.  We will also be able to see which aspects of ourselves are truth or that of illusion; and miraculously love is also where we will find the strength and power to make changes in our expression of self and our intentions.  Love has the power to do all that and more for each individual Being in this Universe, this is how it has become known as The one most powerful force in existence.  Anything is possible with love and love is always available to everyone.  The vibration of true love does not discriminate nor judge, it simply is an energetic fullness.  Love is not something you “get” from another Being, rather it is something that is within you and that you choose to become aware of and resonate in alignment with.  When you choose to become in alignment with this vibration and energy then you will see miracles unfold right before your very eyes.  It was with the divine connection to love that your Soul created you in your very own balanced space of pure energetic love. 


Another characteristic that this equinox energy is infusing for us is the divine aspect of maintaining self balance while we continue to exercise perseverance towards consciousness.  We have repeatedly been challenged in this life to remember who we are and why we are here.  However the universal shift in consciousness that has been unfolding has periodically intensified this perceived challenge; in that it is the mind that holds the illusion of challenge.  If we were to face the shift with a complete open awareness at all times we would see the fullness that the Universe along with all of the Souls, High Selves, Angels and so on are all working with us in intricate and divine ways.  Yes, indeed they are working with humanity, offering the opportunity for people to see what creation is all about along with doing their best to remove any illusions about what is possible and what is truth. 


We are only able to see the pure truth in any given moment when we have chosen to be consciously aware of what is occurring.  Truth is not about judgement, whether it be deciding on a better way or choosing to be the better person.  It is not about pointing out the indiscretions of another person or group of people in order to take a stand against or for what we perceive to be better.  There is no better person or experience; we are all equal.  We all have value and we all have something valuable to offer the Universe as a whole.  We all have the freedom of choice to decide which energy we wish to have around us, but judging ourselves to be better than another because we feel we have learned and know more than them is not in alignment with universal etiquette.  Conscious awareness is about seeing and accepting others for who they truly are while synchronicity allows you the divine gift to see yourself in truth at the same time.  The most effective way in which to accomplish this balance is to look with love; the pure love that comes as a result of the direct connection you have with your Soul.  Rather than choosing to see with the physical eyes and interpret with the mind. 


How than can we become more pure in thought, action and self expression?  Simply by being conscious in what we choose to say, how we choose to act, how we choose to react and what we choose to intend.  This is where challenges often lie.   It is simple human fact that the mind is attached to past experiences, emotions and reactions.  It is through perseverance and love that each one of us is able to remain in the present moment and react from the place that we have now opened to rather than continuing to react from the memories of past experience.  We all have the power available to us to create change in our physical expressions of ourselves.  It is the choices and decisions of the physical expression that will determine our outcome and ultimately allow how our experiences unfold.  Perseverance is the key to maintaining the connection with our Soul through all of the change and challenges that are occurring on a global and universal level.  We definitively play an active role in our experience; where we choose to focus our energy or how we choose to set our intentions determines how our story unfolds. 


In addition, humanity is being shown specific universal aspects that are no longer acting in the best interest of the Universe as a whole.  These aspects, just like humanity are being energetically shifted and given the gift of opportunity to change.  When we choose to accept what is occurring around us as divinely intended and choose to perceive it all from a non-attached perspective, we are then able to see what in truly occurring.  Change can only be created from the most pure of intentions.  Anything is possible as long as we believe; we can create change if we choose to resonate and act with pure love.  The deeper our connection to our Soul, combined with the energy of love that we were created in, allows for the most powerful awareness possible.  It is from this energy that inner knowledge and wisdom become available to us so that we are able to maintain and cultivate our constantly growing consciousness.  The more we learn the more we are aware of.  The more we are aware of the more we have to share.  The more we share the more we are able to receive.  These are all fundamental laws of this Universe and they can only unfold smoothly when the energy is of the most pure intent. 


This equinox is asking us to look at how pure our intent is as we move forward with our choices.  Are we unfolding in a flowing and balanced energy or are we challenged in one aspect or another.  Take a moment to reflect on which aspect the challenge is or maybe is presenting itself in for you.  If you ask for truth with a pure intent, your Soul will always offer the answer to you.  When you do the best you can each day with the knowledge and wisdom you have gained up until today you are then offering the fullest expression possible of who you are to the Universe and all who inhabit it.  If at any moment you choose to withhold who you are or what you do from yourself or others.  Or if you choose to not receive from yourself or others, these are situations that create universal imbalance.  If you take a moment and reflect to see where the illusions or imbalances are in your life, you will indeed be offered truth by your Soul in order to return to balance.  The key to maintaining clarity and truth while the experiences of your personal journey unfold is perseverance.  Perseverance is manifest from trusting in yourself and trusting in the Universe.  The clarity and support you need are always available to you; we just need to ask ourselves if we are open to receive them?


From the Heart,



You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be. 

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