This is definitely not my traditional style of posting; however I did feel that it was important to get this information out as soon as possible.  Especially so people are aware and able to prepare if they are interested in attending…


Wow, what a ride the last 24 to 48 hours have been.  There is a great shift that has occurred in the Universe that is reflected in the Earth and in ourselves at a deep, deep level in which we will be able to see more and more over the next few days.  I would like to let everyone know that there are also some strange activities occurring on a Universal level in which we will be called to action to assist with the next elevation of consciousness.  This is not something that will be a matter of life or death, rather a distinction of past and present and acceptance of moving into the new world with a conscious determination to become who you are, believe it in your heart and share it with the world.


There has been a great upset of energies over the past 48 hours; you can see it on people’s faces, hear it in their words, even when they do not tell you…its energy that is wrapped around us with a deep sense of waiting.  Not sure where the waiting will lead or what the next move is or should be.  There has been a constant stream of sirens (literally and figuratively) and upsets that are occurring with frequency and determination to allow us to see exactly who we are and why we are here.  This is nothing to fear; rather it is a gift from the Universe to allow us to be ourselves…NOW.  There are many people who want to instantly identify everything about their journey and they want all of their questions answered so they KNOW everything about their journey and they know what to DO.  These are the action oriented and the ones who want to do something to make changes in their life and they often believe that somehow there is comfort and power in the knowing.  What is ironic is that when there are energy surges and shifts in the Universe intended for just that purpose – action, these are the people who are the most upset.  These are often the ones who are determined to stay right where they are in the perceived comfort of their life and not allow any room for change unless they are able to control it. 


And of course, that is not how it works…you cannot ask for something and then when it shows up try to control or reject it…the Universe and all of the Beings who inhabit it only want what is best for each and every one of us!   So for this week, see if you are able to relax and trust the Universe and see where it takes you.  This does not mean do nothing, it means control nothing, accept Universal challenges and offerings and see where you end up.  Chances are the Universe is much more creative and fulfilling than you could ever be.  Take care of your body and self, and become more conscious of what is happening around you…not to judge just to experience.  Listen when people talk to you, be conscious when you speak, saying only what you mean, not wasting energy on empty words just to fill space.  Be present and focus your energy on whatever you choose to focus on this week.  Be in the moment, without any judgement about the outcome, just simply BE and let everyone around you BE.


Unity says “We have been waiting for you to join us and become who you are so you are able to share with the world the unique gifts that only you are able to offer.  The time is now to take your place among the rest who have already committed themselves and chosen to see the light within themselves and more important that they have chosen to share and express that expression with the world.  The hour of the new moon on Friday March 4th 2011, will be the ignition date for this energy to be available to you should you desire it.  We refer to this date as The Night of a Thousand Lights.  This name was chosen because of the intense shift that will occur within Gaia and many of the people who are connected to her.  There are a thousand points across the Earth that will be ignited and brought into awareness in order to support the consciousness shift, this has been planned for thousands of years and is going to happen now!  Many will find themselves very different after this event is complete, gaining an inner knowledge and wisdom for an active and illuminating transformational experience.”


The entire group of non-physical Universe Beings along with the masters of each dimension and domain known herein as Unity will all be in attendance for this event.  This includes the Star Beings, all of the Planetary Beings, the Natives of all the tribes, the Angelics from all streams and dimensions and everyone else.  They are all dressed and adorned and ready to participate in the Universal event.  It will be an event of epic proportions indeed with celebrations marking achievement and the continued journeys all of who inhabit this amazing Universe we call home.  The Universal Beings have been gathering, sharing and celebrating for the last 2 days and will continue to do so until all are present for March 4th.  As I write this they are all speaking at once in a unique and flowing way that is similar to an exquisite singing sound.  It is a magical resonance that I have never quite heard as there seems to be a unique twist that makes it shine in a way that has never occurred before.


They tell me that the current energy of this Universe is being expressed through an energetic vibration and that is what I am hearing.  They are quite specific in sharing that the sound of the Universe has shifted and will never again be the same as it was before. This celebration is a direct reflection of all of the dedication of a group of Soul Beings who committed to experience a human life and in that life decided that they would remember who they are and why they are here.  It is a magical time indeed and it is suggested that we would be not only welcomed but honoured if we should choose to celebrate this amazing effort together.  As much energy as the non-physical Beings have put into the shift in consciousness, it had to be ignited, fostered and followed through by humanity for the true shift to be able to occur.   


If you wish to attend, it is simple, simply find a quiet spot, relax and focus your energy on your heart centre and be open to the amazing messages and visions that will be available.   One day I hope to have a space where I am able to offer a place where we are able to come and join together for these ceremonies as they are so magical and special.  It makes it that much more amazing to be able to share the energy with a group of open people and the energy is always strengthened when it has more attention and focus!  I could spend hours detailing each of the attendants, their energy, their Universal position and nature along with their personal offering to this Universe.  The most exciting part of these Universal events is that the Beings shift and transform slightly in their expression for the celebration…similar to dressing and preparing for auspicious events, with clothing and adornments that are a reflection of the Being, their vibration and their nature; which of could also detail for hours as I so enjoy seeing them all “dressed up”(energetically of course!)!


There have been many of these celebrations over the years and I have written of a few, however they tend to fall on one of the two annual solstice celebrations.  This year I am told, we are in for a number of celebrations and we are going to be amazed at the changes that occur within ourselves and in the world around us.  It is not always celebration, there is a lot of hard work and effort that goes into shifting the consciousness of an entire Universe…so celebrate when the opportunity arises and open yourself to not just your celebration, but the Universal one that will allow you to feel the energy of all who are together with us through this amazing journey.


Wishing you all a week of transformation!  No matter what energy shows up, remember that you are having a human experience, for that reason …to experience!  When you feel emotions, sit back and see them as if looking at yourself from your Soul perspective.  Release the need or desire to judge yourself or others, just for this week.  Rather spend your valuable energy on finding things, people, and experiences to surround yourself with that make you feel whole and full.  Most importantly, find the courage and strength to be yourself and allow that to shine out to everyone you meet and share the joy you have to share while accepting in the joy that others have to share.  This week is for you to see what really lives in your heart…it is full and it vibrates with more strength than you are humanly aware…let it shine free and enjoy the journey.


From the Heart,



You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and be sure to include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has questions about the past, present or future of their personal journey.  The answers the Soul offers contain confirmation and valuable clarity to support their personal journey and choosing appropriate steps on their path to move forward more freely.