There are numerous points in our lives when we must choose between temptation or that of virtue and truth.  Now, is proving to be one of those times for many people who have been searching for a way to encourage a stronger light to shine from within them.  It is this fundamental choice that has in the past caused many to struggle and often feel the need to fight for what they believe to be truth.  The fundamental question is does our truth derive from our heart or our mind?  The current energy that is unfolding is a drastic shift from the not so distant past of an acute urge to essentially take up arms and fight against a perceived and often unseen rival in order to avenge the beliefs we hold.  The new surge of energy is rivalling everything we have believed to be truth and is essentially encouraging us to look deeper to see if in fact it is truth; or if we have simply manipulated our beliefs in order to create a smoother or less challenging path.  This reflection is also in fact rendering the perceived need to prove our truth as ineffective and unnecessary; because maybe, just maybe it was not truth in the first place.  


This journey to consciousness has been an experience that has taken many into places that were not only unforeseen, but often offered challenges that we chose to accept as simple facts of life.  At the time of the offered challenge it was accepted as something to be overcome through perseverance and diligence with little to no time spent on considering why or how we had arrived at this place.  This is the human nature of continued existence, it is ingrained in the DNA of who we are and is always a part of us.  The instinct to protect ourselves and those we love out of a deep desire to overcome any challenge that presents itself to us is a basic yearning of the mind.  The new energy infusions that are currently arriving are asking us to challenge our views on this as well.  Asking; who do we believe ourselves to be?  Do we often take reckless chances with ourselves and our heart or rather do we over protect ourselves out of fear of being hurt, taken advantage of or even possibly of succeeding in our chosen quest?  Or, are our actions not reckless or controlling at all, but perfectly in alignment with who we are at our core?


When the Soul arrives into a human body and experiences the restriction of the physical human birth process there is an extensive and intense learning that occurs for the Soul.  It is this process that allows the Soul to begin to understand exactly how it will be able to express itself while adhering to the limiting boundaries of a human body.  It is the development of acceptance that becomes etched upon the Soul as its energy becomes locked within the human form and settles into physical existence.  At this time the relationship between the Soul and the person is fresh and new, with little to distract the openness of attention and adoration of either aspect towards the other.  The instinct to respect and appreciate each other is primal, necessary and instinctual to cultivating the intention of a balanced human.  As the relationship matures it is cultivated by a variety of experiences that are influenced both from the Soul and the human physical aspects.  But it is like a dance where one is in constant awareness and connection with the other, knowing instinctively what the next move will be for each.  It is through this dance that the relationship between the Soul and the physical human aspects are in balance and allow for the experience to not only be stable and peaceful but to be bountiful as well. 


It is when we choose to accept the aspirations and dreams of others as our own that our internal balance is questioned and ultimately set off kilter.  The original occurrence of this experience happens to people at a variety of ages through an assortment of experiences all depending upon the nurturing that is or is not available to us.  For some the original balance is disrupted almost instantly after the birth process and for others it will not occur until well into the adult stage of life.  However it happens for us on an individual level, the divine unfolding is all part of what each of us chose as part of our fundamental experiences before we arrived here.  The knowledge of Self is a fine balance of personal energy known only in the true heart of a Being.  It is the window that the mind chooses to see through that often fogs up the glass and allows only portions to shine through rather than the entire vision.  This is the ability the mind has cultivated and many people have mastered; the fine art of illusion.  Each and every experience we encounter no matter how large or how small is a challenge to awaken to consciousness.  It is through our choices and intentions that will ultimately decide if we have chosen to learn by way of temptation or that of virtue.  The choice is and will always be ours; however truth will always be found at the heart of who we are, not in the vast resources of illusion held within the human mind. 


Likewise, when we follow the dreams of someone who is close to us; with the intention and desire to serve and protect them and put them first, it will always end in an imbalance that restricts us from expressing our true and whole self.  The appropriate people with whom to surround ourselves with are those that allow us to be ourselves.  They are the ones with whom, when we each follow our own path the paths cross and support each other naturally without conscious effort or struggle.  Through everyone following what is the correct path for them, we each have much more to offer others and this action also naturally supports everyone else on their personal path as well.  Most often it is finding the courage to be the first to make the shift in focus to oneself that is the most challenging.  The fine art of choosing to follow temptation or virtue; the temptation to act from a physical desire to protect yourself and others and not rock the boat, the fear of change or the desire to ensure a positive outcome no matter what you have to sacrifice.  These are just a few of the many points that the mind will no doubt offer you when it is time to decide your path.  However when you choose to listen to your inner voice, the one that is a reflection of your heart, it is then that you are acting with virtue.  When you put yourself first it is an act that has so much more raw power than the mind could ever have, thus allowing for a deeper and more sustainable support to ourselves and others. 


Unfortunately we have come to believe that being virtuous is to support others first and then to worry about ourselves later.  The action of leaving ourselves to the end of the list often has the effect of creating a feeling of having too few pillars of support for us to follow our own path.  Causing us to be reactive rather than proactive as we begin to create the illusion that another’s path is better for us, convincing ourselves that it will be easier, that we are assured of a particular outcome and that someone else will be leading the way so we will be able to blame them if something goes wrong.  These are the aspects of ourselves we are being asked to look at and see if we are in fact following our path or that of another as a perceived easy way out.  Our appropriate path is the one in which we are often not sure of the outcome, but we know in the core of our Being that this is the direction we must take.  When the mind begins to fold in upon itself and starts to fill with the voices of those who believe that illusion is the real experience and that the Soul needs to be kept in-check and safely controlled in order to ensure a safe and happy outcome; that is when we are asked to go within and find the courage to continue to honour ourselves first, while maintaining a deep respect for other opinions.  We are being asked to take notice when we are being challenged, mixing the human aspects of survival and overcoming adversity and applying them to ourselves first and foremost to ignite and support change in ourselves and in those around us.  Although it is challenging to the mind, courage to put ourselves first is much more beneficial than succumbing to the monotony and suppression of the mind or to others intentions.


The Soul knows no limits; however the human is acutely and instinctively aware of limits.  Becoming plainly obvious to the Soul through the birth process and gradually becoming more and more cultivated throughout the physical life experience.  It is when the Soul desire to go in one direction is shrouded in the illusion of the human beliefs of limitations that there is an inner imbalance.  This imbalance is nothing short of the most challenging dual ever brought forward by the Soul.  A dual that will allow a person to see inner personal truths that were previously either unbelievable or unavailable to them.  The new energy is also offering us the strength and courage we need in order to see the difference between what is pure truth and what is simply illusion.  This can only ever be an individual journey; with the answers arriving through a deep inner knowing rather than the simplicity of thoughts or mere words.  It is a knowing deep within the Soul that translates into the human aspect through the relationship that was cultivated at the beginning of the current human experience.  You simply need to remember and rekindle that relationship and allow it to grow and shine to receive the answers.


The relationship between the Soul and the physical self is intimate and much more intricate than the human mind is able to comprehend.  The understanding at the level of energetic support that is currently available is rather close to 5% and will in time become a full expression.  However the only way for the expression to expand and grow is through deep inner wisdom which is only available through the intense desire to follow the Soul instinct and leave the temptations to follow the mind behind.  The Soul will always and forever be the heart of who we are.  The inner cultivation of wisdom, the knower of truth, the accepting of everyone for who they are and experiences for what they are.  The Soul knows no judgement, control or fear; it simply acts from a deep inner knowing that guides itself on a journey filled with appropriate experiences that offer knowledge and wisdom through experience. 


It has never been nor is ever intended to be that the Soul must suffer in order to attain peace and contentment.  Peace and contentment are aspects that are always available to any Soul as they are created aspects of this Universe.  They are aspects that are available to all including others such as love, respect, acceptance, abundance and a great many more.  The aspects of fear, control and judgement were not in fact created in this Universe; they are but simple vibrations that were brought here by others.  Therefore, if there were one moment in time where every single Being living on this planet and in this Universe was to not focus on fear, it would cease to exist.  Why?  Because it is not a creation in this Universe and therefore is not supported by the energy that sustains this experience.  However with the active aspect of freewill in this Universe, if there is any one Being who chooses to focus on fear in any manner, it will continue to be here as an expression of individual intent, focus and desire. 


Whether we choose to want fear or not is inconsequential.  It is the power of the intention of our energy that is the authority.  This is how the mind tends to rule a lot of our outcomes and controls the environments that surround us.  For example when we choose to heal the Earth, we support the pure and simple energy that She is not enough or that she is damaged – when in fact she is a wonderfully vibrant and full Being just as she is.  We often follow the same lines where we are concerned, we tend to focus on aspects of self we wish were different or that they did not exist at all.  This is another fine example of just how powerful our own energy is, we are continuously creating a life filled with experiences that we have intended through our energy focus.  If someone were to create an event with the intention to rid the Universe of fear, it would never work.  Simply because the focus is to have a great number of people focus on fear.  When we choose to fight against anything in our path from disease to people to life experiences that we see as unjust or unfair, we will always attract a “fight” or a “struggle”.  This outcome is a clear example of the basic law that energy follows intention.  Wherever we choose to focus our energy will always generate what Beings, people and experiences surround us.  To fight against anything is to give that thing our power and knowing how much energy that is, it is very clearly too much power to give.


Although this is challenging for many to accept and believe; we are in fact always in the present circumstances that we have chosen for ourselves.  It is through the power of our true knowledge and wisdom, which is gained by our personal experience that we continue to cultivate the strength and courage to overcome the desire to fight and allow our hearts to lead as we become ourselves.  It is not the mental or physical aspects of ourselves that we use to create our lives, but rather our personal raw energetic vibration that allows us to create our destiny.  This energy is where the power of change and transformation lives within us.  We have the power to map uncharted internal waters and transcend the challenges that we perceive as restraining us but are in fact there to provide us with deep messages and lessons of personal strength and wisdom.  The instinct to go inside and follow our hearts is becoming more and more challenging to ignore as the dense energy of the physical aspects of self are removed and replaced on a Universal level with the pure vibrations of support and receiving.  As these energetic infusions settle upon the human and physical expressions of our Souls we are being offered a new approach to reaching and sustaining our relationship with the light that lives within our heart. 


We are being encouraged to follow our heart through various longings, desires and dreams that are all in alignment with the person we are.  This is also the person we are willingly becoming more comfortable sharing with the world.  As we peel back layer upon layer of our own personal illusion it is then that we are able to express a more pure version of who we truly are with the world.  The only way for us to accomplish the task of meeting destiny is through experience, as it is in the experience that the journey unfolds and allows us to gain the knowledge and wisdom that the mind needs.  The Soul needs no such things, it simply understands and it is that understanding that allows the course of the personal journey to unfold along appropriate boundaries and outcomes.  It is when the mind interferes and intends to control the outcome or any aspect of the journey that the true knowledge and wisdom will not be gained and in turn will need to be repeatedly offered until the lesson is accepted. 


Change is imminent; evolution has always been the intention of this Universe with a focus on freedom of choice.  Those aspects have not changed nor are they intended to as these are the laws that will support humanity as the awakening to consciousness evolves.  The focus is on the personal journey first and others only when you are complete and secure within your experience.  Similar to the lesson we are taught on an airplane in the case of emergency when we are clearly instructed to care for ourselves first then we will have the ability to care for others more effectively.  Contrary to what rules the mind holds for us, it is the heart that knows we are only truly able to offer support and comfort to those around us when we have chosen to be pure ourselves.  It is the process of gaining, accepting and utilizing personal knowledge and wisdom that allows us to express ourselves more purely.  This is not simply done through intention as it is the journey that determines the outcome.  But if our intention is to become the most pure expression of ourselves void of illusion and limitations then the appropriate experiences will always present themselves to us in order that we may be offered every opportunity available to overcome whatever mental belief is limiting our progress to purity. 


It is a constant choice between following the temptation of the mind or that of choosing the virtue of the heart.   When we first choose to see the challenge in the lesson that is intended for us, it is then that we are able to accept and trust that the heart is in fact the true leader of power in our personal destiny.  Once this is accepted, then the transformation is available and the ability to become balanced and pure is available.  Through each lesson, another aspect of ourselves becomes balanced and it is that aspect that we are then able to share with others.  It is all part of the intricate and divine plan of Universal awakening.  The awakening process was never meant to be completed and then shared; rather it is in the journey that additional learning and knowledge are gained.  We are meant to grow together, sharing with and supporting each other as we follow our own paths.  We are all teachers and students on the path to wholeness and balance, all travelling at different speeds and taking different routes. But the destination is always the same – personal and Universal consciousness.  The Universe will not allow us to sell ourselves short or accept what is second best; we are worth more than that.  Equally important is that we see our own self worth and the worth of those around us for what it is and not for the illusion we may choose to create or accept it as.    


We are divine beings each and every one of us and in that we are all part of the Universal unfolding that is occurring within us and around us.  The process is magical and awe inspiring, just as each Being who resides in the experience is.  We are all part of the Universal experience, with our divine gifts to offer and the ability to receive the divine gifts of others.  The strength and purity of who we are will always be determined by our personal energetic intention and journey through our experience.  Each of our journeys are different and for very good reason, so that we are able to offer balance to the Universal experience.  When we offer the full aspect of our personal energy it is then that we offer the bounty of energetic power that will allow ourselves and others to transform more each day.  Do your best to always be aware of where you intend to focus your energy. 


Through the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and be sure to include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has questions about the past, present or future of their personal journey.  The answers the Soul offers contain confirmation and valuable clarity to support their personal journey and choosing appropriate steps on their path to move forward more freely.