The timing is appropriate as with all new infusions to explain and also bring to light much of what is now occurring on the planet and in the Universe at large.  It is definitely a time of great change but it is also a time of a great shift within the change.  The past four years have been a journey in learning the ability to support others and to give to them wholeheartedly and unwaveringly.  This intention has experienced much success and will continue in its basic unfolding as more and more people continue to open to and use this energy appropriately.  However there has been a rather large shift in the Universe since the inception of 2011, it is this shift in energy that will allow for the ultimate unfolding of this experience into one of consciousness.


We have spent much of the past few years learning how to give and support others in every way imaginable from giving even when we have little or nothing left to give.  We have learnt how to support others in such a variety of ways from giving of ourselves, giving them money or sustenance.  We also went through the journey of telling others that there is a better way, which then shifted and became a sharing of what they should do in order to live a better life.  When that experience had expired we were then infused with the energy to share our very personal stories rather than telling others what to do.  It became an offering of our experiences which would allow them the ability to choose if any of our offerings resonated with them. 


The stages of giving have been long, challenging and more often than not exhausting.  We were asked repeatedly to go within ourselves and find more to give to others, even when we felt we had little or nothing left for ourselves let alone to give to others.  Many suffered challenges beyond what they had ever thought possible and still they continued on their journey with dedication.  The challenges and experiences were long, often lasting for months and even years as we were encouraged by our Souls to release our wants and attachments in order to serve and give to others from an open heart.  It mattered not that we often found ourselves alone physically or that we could be surrounded by others and feel such a deep loneliness that we had never before experienced. 


We knew in our hearts that we were on the right path and simply kept following that deep inner feeling of knowing, even if our minds did not agree.  Letting go of attachment was also a much exaggerated lesson throughout 2010, intermingled with the giving and supporting others with a continued focus on the open heart.  It was a new level of energy that although we had never experienced before, we managed to come through it all with a deeper and clearer understanding.  There was also a heightened awareness of the people around us and a spotlight shone on those who no longer added to our personal experience.  With all of the knowledge and wisdom we had gained, we were able to see much more clearly who was and who was not offering us appropriate energy for where we currently found ourselves.  This was and still is at times a challenging experience both for them and for ourselves, simply because there is an illusion that the best relationships are the long ones we have worked hard for.  Knowing now, that relationships lasting a mere 5 minutes can be just as valuable and powerful as long as we are open to the message that we are to receive.


There have been and will continue to be many relationship beginnings and endings, as we grow and evolve on the path to consciousness; relationships with friends, family and the romantic sort to our relationship to our homes, our possessions and to our Souls.  It is essential that we surround ourselves with relationships that vibrate energy that offers balance to our current experience.  Just, as it is also important for those around us to make those same choices and decisions for themselves.  You need not worry about knowing with whom or when to connect or break a connection as the heart always leads you in the right direction.  Sometimes the separations are welcome and at other times they are not, there are often many experiences of anger that are often volatile in their eruptions.  However, somewhere in the depth of our hearts there has always been and will continue to be a profound understanding that the separations were appropriate for ourselves and the others involved no matter how much anger, hurt or resentment occurred.  Often times it was a lesson of seeing the strength that lives within us and being able to acknowledge that strength and essentially accept it.  This is challenging when you have a mind that is listening to the anger and frustration of yourself or the other person or people seemingly involved.  But in our hearts, always knowing our path is ours alone and it is the illusion of needing and being needed that creates the drama that unfolds.  It is always our choice whether we choose to see past our illusion to see real truth.  No one can make this decision for us.  They can offer us experiences and opportunities to see the illusion in our lives, but it is ultimately up to us whether we choose to see the truth of the matter or stay in illusion. 


All of these lessons and all of the knowledge that we have gained through our past experiences is perfectly in alignment with the current unfolding process that allows us to remember who we are and why we chose to come here.  So what is it exactly that early 2011 is offering us, well it is the ability to create balance through the ability to receive.  It seems a rather simple lesson to learn, yet this is being taught to an entire race that had never once experienced how to receive in the pure sense.  Receiving is just as tricky as giving and sometimes even more so, especially after years of giving.  It is after this extended period of supporting others that our trust in ourselves, others and essentially the Universe at large has a strong sense of condition. 


The conditioning comes from a deep inner desire to protect ourselves from harm.  We have often experienced emotions (illusions) of not being appropriately taken care of or supported or even sometimes that we have been left out to fend for ourselves as all of the fundamental changes occur.  This is all part of the illusion that change is not part of who we are, when in fact change is what we do, simply by allowing each and every experience we encounter to flow.  As we flow through the fundamental shift in consciousness in this Universe, we have recognized much of who we are and worked to the best of our ability to allow change to happen.  We have ignited and supported change in ourselves and others and it is now that we are being taken on a deeper journey into who we are and bringing awareness to what we still need to recognize to become more conscious of on our own path. 


January of 2011 held the initial infusions of balance, setting the foundation to prepare us for each and every layer and infusion of balance this year is going to bring us.  The second major infusion of 2011 arrived over the last week and held the fundamental energy of the ability to receive.  We are now ready to begin the process of receiving and in that development we will gain knowledge and wisdom about ourselves that we thought we already knew, but simply were not yet ready to go to the depths that we are now being asked to go to.  The energy infusions of balance will take us on journeys of returning to past experiences and relationships in order to now see the balance of what we previously learnt while there.  The encouraging aspect is that we need not go back for long periods, but rather for brief moments in which we are able to collect the knowledge and wisdom of balance that are appropriate for us.  We will also have experiences of being challenged in our beliefs about who we are, how we present ourselves to the world and of course how we choose to accept and offer balance in our lives.


Receiving is the fundamental balance of giving and must be accepted in order to reach and maintain the inner contentment we are all searching for.  The key to receiving in the pure form is to be open and release any desire to control the outcome.  Receiving is tricky, especially when we have been challenged so much of the time over the past 4 years.  When we learned in the past of healthy boundaries and how to maintain them while continuing to follow our path, we also learnt that it was imperative to do so.  The remarkable thing now is that we have come to a point in the awakening journey that we are now learning the basic balance of each and every fundamental lesson we have already learned.  Talk about a return to some interesting situations indeed!


The latest infusion of receiving was marked with extreme amounts of anxiety, restlessness, frustration and even anger.  Sometimes we were conscious of why we were feeling this way and other times we were oblivious and simply chose to direct our emotions at whatever situation or person was close at hand.  Through dreams of people and experiences of our distant past to bumping into people from your past and even feeling urges to find and connect with people from your past.  Everything is happening in an effort to give us all as many opportunities as we need to see how important the energy of pure receiving is.


These experiences are all part of the current infusion and the journey that is deepening the ability to overcome the illusion that we are simply physical beings.  The new shift into the balancing energy that arrived with the new year of 2011 has definitely made itself known in a variety of ways.  Even Gaia, our Mother Earth is showing us very clearly where she is reclaiming her balance and it is also evident in each and every person around us, if we are open to seeing it.  We are all on our own journey, just as every one is on theirs, relationships are slowly coming into balance as we are seeing the balance that is appropriate for each and every one.   It is becoming more and more evident that in honouring who we are and following our path that we are then supporting all of those around us.


Everyone is unique which means that each of our relationships are unique as well.  They each have an energy that is unique and unexplainable to anyone not in that relationship.  Our desire to control anything that we receive from any of the many relationships we have is slowly being challenged.  We are no longer supported if we choose to decide how others will show up for us, or what they will do for us.  It is now a very intense energy of everyone offering who they are and what they choose to offer.  It is our choice what we choose to accept, with no room for changing the offering at all.  There are mild to extreme bouts of anger over this, and again this is all part of not deciding how others will react to your choices either.  That is their journey and we have our own and we are each able to have our own reactions just as much as we are able to have choices.


The focus on receiving is rattling and often takes us to a vulnerability that challenges everything we have ever been taught to believe.  This is exactly what it was intended to do, to challenge and reveal to us what is real and what is still simply an illusion.  On a Universal scale it was known that the new energy shift into balance would be a challenging one and therefore each and every person has been gifted with the support of three Angelics for this part of their journey.  Each of us have our own; we share them with no one as they are completely focused on supporting us as we go through the balancing process.  The gift of the Angelics was in itself part of the receiving process, knowing we will always receive support whenever it is necessary on this part of our journey.  It has been challenging for many to actually accept the assistance and support of their Angelics, let alone a person offering anything to them.  This is a new energy and understanding indeed.


We have reached a new level of vulnerability and it must be that way in order to receive, we must let our iron clad guard down and be open to accept what is simply waiting for us.  There are many nervous reactions as we experience this openness and a deep sense of vulnerability, from jumpiness, being skittish and often to a deep desire to stay home and protect ourselves.  However, energy has a very funny sense and humour and will always find us no matter where we choose to hide ourselves.  Besides, these are the lessons that we knew were coming when we arrived here and if we sit back and relax a little bit deeper into our own energy, we have a clearer perspective of what is illusion and what is our fear. 


So as we navigate ourselves through living in a completely different way and being able for the first time in this life begin to experience balance, we can celebrate in the knowledge that we are in fact on the right path.  No matter how bumpy the road may seem at any given moment, we are in fact going in the right direction.  More often than not, when the road is the most challenging it is then that we are in the depths of learning and gaining the intended knowledge from the current infusion.  Once we accept the energy, then we are able to enjoy that experience until the next learning phase arrives. 


As the new energy of balance infuses and settles into the Soul, the Soul Connections I have experienced are fundamentally different from any I have experienced before.  The sessions are now filled with a new clarity and openness, offering a much deeper level of conscious messages from the Soul.  There is a directness that is now offered that was previously unavailable due to the dense energy we were ensconced in.  With the new level of receiving we are currently being opened to, the messages flow and allow the physical person a far greater knowledge and understanding of who they are and why they are here.  I am seeing many more moments of instant recognition and a knowing that they are linked deeply within the relationship between the physical person and their Soul.  It is truly a magical experience and a great time to be alive.


As you receive and integrate all of this balancing energy, enjoy the messages that come from your heart.  The best way to remember who you are and why you are here is to forget everything anyone has ever told you, forget everything you have ever read and learnt; then listen, trust and lead with your heart.  The heart knows more than you give it credit for, it is where the truest part of you lives.  Pain and suffering are simply emotions, from the Soul’s perspective they are basically experiences of the physical self.  Something we need to experience in order to become more conscious of who we are and why we are here.  So let the experiences arrive, receive them as they arrive and know that you will gain knowledge and wisdom from each and every one, just as you have from all of your experiences up until this point.  Each and every relationship and experience you have had, have brought you to this infinite place in time; where you are now given the Universal gift of being supported by three Angelics as you learn to receive the full bounty that this Universe has to offer. 


This is going to be a year of exciting and interesting twists and turns, and at the end of it we will have arrived at a completely new sense of being.  We will then be able to create with an intensity and intention that is only as deep as the knowledge and wisdom we have.  The more pure our intent and understanding, the stronger our ability to create will be.  It is in the purity of self that we find the true power of the Soul.  As always it is up to you to see the truth of who you are or the illusion, which do you choose today?

Through the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.