There have been a number of phases lately that allow for removal of all things that no longer are productive or supportive for our personal journey.  It is in this unfolding that many of us have had some experiences that seem to be getting more challenging to explain.  There are a number of people who I have spoken to that have had increasing experiences of being alone in a particular place, however they have a very deep knowing that they are not alone.  This is happening more and more often now as we are becoming more aware of what else is out there and the fact that we have support that arrives in a variety of ways and also because we are beginning to believe in ourselves in ways that have never existed before. 


There is going to be an event in the near future that will bring many of us to a stand still in our physical selves but which will allow for our Souls to soar and take us to new levels of being.  It is not something to fear, rather it is an experience to behold as a gift of life, clarity and pure understanding.  It is not a global physical event rather a Universal energetic one that will involve an energy that will arrive and allow for a completely different view point of existence.  We are currently on the verge of this amazing new experience.  From a Soul level we have all been waiting for it, there are many who have remembered this fact and there are also many who have not.  This new infusion will be packed with such a pure expression of love energy that it will bring many to a deep awareness of the basic essence of who they are. 


The energy shift we are currently experiencing and the shifts that have occurred over the past 21 days have been in preparation of an almost ceremonial method of creating the foundation for us for the final and ultimate infusion of pure love.  This energy that is arriving is not completely foreign to this experience; it is an energy that lives deep within each and every one of us.  It is a part of who we are on an energetic level.  So why do we need the infusion?  Well there are many, many beings who have remembered who they are and there is a staggering amount who are on the verge of remembering and there are also those who are in complete and utter denial.  This infusion will strengthen those who are aware, it will also allow those who are energetically speaking “on the fence” to take the plunge and it will also create a much more tangible possibility for all of those who do not yet wish to believe.


This is an event that will take us to new levels of understanding and remembering who we are and why we are here.  In preparation for such a revolutionary experience there is much occurring on a Universal level.  There are groups of non-physical Beings arriving daily who are in complete and utter alignment with who they are thus allowing them to create energetic beacons that will anchor  and enhance the energy when it arrives.  There are other groups who are arriving to support each and every physical Being so that each and every one of us are completely supported during this momentous occasion.  It will be a time of total and absolute openness in order to feel the flow of balanced energy, which is always a perfect combination of give and take or offering and receiving.   


We have over the past 4 to 5 months been shown what vulnerability is and how it feels.  For many of us it was so extremely uncomfortable that it made us want to run and hide among a variety of other experiences.  However this was such a necessary experience of preparation for the energy that is coming.  It is absolutely incredible how intricate and absolutely profound this project is and yet how simple and basic the physical experience is.  To be having a physical life right now is one of the most truly remarkable experiences you have ever had because none of this has ever occurred before.  Not in this Universe, nor in any other Universe in within Consciousness. 


Until now the awakening to consciousness journey has been layer upon layer of energy infused to allow for a deeper and more profound clarity of who we are.  The shift that has occurred today is to allow for a completely different experience going forward.  We will now begin the journey of receiving layer upon layer of energy infusions that will allow us to BE who we truly are.  This is such a fundamentally different energy that many have been experiencing physical shifts over the past 24 to 48 hours.  There have been shifts in the digestive system, shifts in our belief of who we are, how we see ourselves and how others see us.  There has also been a feeling of weight and density that is essentially a deep recognition of our awareness that we are in fact energetic Beings who have been deeply ensconced in a very dense physical experience. 


It is now time for each of us to not only believe in who we are but that we step into that knowing and share it with others.  This is all part of the divine plan.  If we truly remember and look at the entire experience from our Soul perspective we will plainly see what each and every individual has to offer.  With each person having their very own Soul and each person having their own Soul nature, it is fundamentally important that each and every Being participate.  This is the only way to experience balance on a personal level and on a Universal level.  If you choose to be a part of this Universe and this experience and that of being human, you are being called to participate and contribute.  There is no longer the ability to sit in the back row and watch; this experience no longer has the option of being a  spectator sport. 


Why are you not able to sit, watch and wait?  Quite simply because you are an important, valuable and indispensable part of this Universal experience.  Your existence matters and you belong here.  Everything you do has an effect on everyone else.  Your personal gift is not only who you are and what you do it is a fundamental aspect of the divine creation of this Universe.  I really hope you are beginning to see how important you are, because this experience is so much more whole and complete because you are in it.  Not because you have to do anything, but simply because you are yourself.


When you are the most pure expression of yourself you can be then you are contributing and offering the most you have to offer.  It is in this pure expression that you are able to allow others to learn from you in such a profound way.  Even more importantly when you are the most pure expression of yourself that you know how to be, you allow yourself to receive all that you need to continue to become purer and purer in your expression.  Purity is an expression of self that is available to us when we are in a balanced state of being.  This profoundly balanced energetic experience is called the Reverberation Effect.


Balance is not a specific and set in stone combination of universal aspects coming together to form one clear-cut and particular experience for everyone.  Rather it is a personal combination of fundamental aspects of creation that are based on your energetic vibration in the moment; which means that each Being has their very own vibrational experience of balance.  Each and every moment is constantly changing, that is the intention of this experience.  It was never meant to be stagnant, so when you have deep feelings of stagnancy, it is a clear and simple sign from your Soul to go ahead and make a change you are clearly ready for!   This change is being encouraged in order for you to bring balance to the next layer of consciousness that you have uncovered in yourself.  Remember that balance comes from the constant flow of movement, in an offering and receiving way.  For each of us in our unique and very personal energies and experiences the balance of who we are and what we require is constantly changing and shifting as our awareness is constantly shifting and deepening.  Complete and utter balance is a state of pure and total contentment.


This level of contentment has never before been experienced in a physical human form, but the possibility is unfolding.  It is up to us if we are willing to accept it, and it is also up to us to make it happen.  We are the holders of our own destiny.  We cannot determine the outcome of anyone else’s destiny nor does anyone else have the ability to determine ours.  That power is ours alone and no one has the power over another to remove it, ever.  It does not matter who they are nor at what Universal level, no one has more power over you than yourself.  This is all part of the fundamental law of free will within this Universe.  If you do the work no one can take that away from you, ever.


Be confident in that knowing, it will take you further than you ever thought possible.  Know in your heart that your contributions to this experience are not only valuable but are fundamentally important to the unfolding of consciousness.  Each and every Being who is here, is here because they chose to offer who they are with no restrictions.  They also chose to receive what everyone else has to offer with the clear intention of accepting all of the respect, compassion, support, knowledge and understanding they require for their personal experience.  We are not in this alone, in fact we are all in this together.  It is our personal nature and experiences that hold the illusion of separation.  It was intended for each of us to be unique in nature and experience so we would be able to offer who we are in an effort to create balance.  That quite simply is the extent of the mask of separation and the illusion of “we are all one”.  We are neither and it was never intended to be either way.  If we were all one, it would be a rather dull existence with very little to experience or learn.  However we are all here in a similar fashion to be able to support each other.  The greatest form of support comes from the simplicity of being ourselves.


There is also a fundamentally incorrect understanding that is occurring on many levels of consciousness.  There are many beings who believe that if a gift comes from Source then it should be shared in a pure way with pure intent.  Often there is a feeling that money should not be exchanged for a gift from Source.  If we were back at the beginning of human existence and living in the original intent for humanity this would be completely correct.  However the currently physical human experience is supported by a monetary structure.  The structure was created out of a desire to control and manipulate others while having the power to create a deep sense of fear.  This monetary structure is being shaken and turned upside down while those who are gaining from it continue to grasp at straws.  Eventually any structure that is intended to control and manipulate any other being will no longer exist, and this will happen in the not so distant future.  There are many areas of the globe that have been shaken and rattled in the hopes of change that will be as smooth as possible.  


Until the current monetary structure is fundamentally removed it will remain a very real aspect of the human experience.  It is our personal job to take care of the physical aspects of who we are.  The need for shelter, food, transportation and whatever else you choose to experience is our personal responsibility.  That being said we are also being called now to be who we are, no longer are we to simply know who we are.  This change that is currently occurring is shifting the human consciousness in epic proportions.  We will no longer be supported in doing anything that is not in alignment with who we are.  Why, because the contribution of who we truly are is of the utmost importance at this current moment.  Therefore it is in perfect alignment that we offer who we are and what we do with a monetary compensation.  In fact currently there is no other way to continue the evolution in a healthy and productive way. 


The ability to charge money for what each of us do when we are coming directly from our connection to who we are is also fundamental in accepting the power of the gift we have to offer.  Choosing your own rates is a personal choice and done best when in a deep connection to who you are and in alignment with your personal dreams and desires.  It is then up to others to choose if your energy and what you are offering are right for them.  It is your choice and your offering and it is appropriate for you to be doing what it is that makes you happy and fulfilled each day.  It is no longer supported or appropriate for you to do something just to “make money” so that “later” or “after work” you can then do the things you like and enjoy.  Those days are over!!!!!!  Accept it and live it, so you are in the flow of the Universe and all that is. 


Often there is a learning process as new personal awareness rises to the forefront of your experience.  This is what creates a constant evolution of who you are and what you are offering.  This is exactly how it was planned and intended.  You will know you are in alignment when there is a fundamental flow from the Universe in that basic give and take way.  If you are stagnant, step back, review and restructure your offerings and intentions and then try again.  Release the mental beliefs that hold us back from our evolution of creating a current experience that is a balance of a fullness of self combined with the current state of human existence. 


Remember we are the holders of our destiny, no one can take that away.  We have the power to make changes at any moment to encourage a greater flow of Universal energy, in fact this is what we are constantly being asked to do.  So essentially, a gift that comes from Source is essentially coming from you and your connection to your soul.  It is a part of you and should be valued in a fundamental way and until we are no longer living in a world where money restricts us, it is appropriate to value our gift in a monetary way.  We need to take care of our human needs and we are being called to do that by being ourselves.


There are a variety of Beings whose natures are so vast and so vibrant that each and every necessary physical “job” will be filled.  Do not worry that there will not be enough people to do certain jobs, as this is simply not the intention.  With this current energy infusion there will be a mass exit of people who are working to support events, projects and people who are not in alignment with who they are.  There will also be the removal of people who are not being appropriately compensated for their efforts.  There are many people being fired, laid off and many contracts not being renewed.  There are also many looking for work in alignment with the jobs they used to have…if it is not in alignment with who you are you will not find one.


Instead focus your complete energy on what you actually want to do.  Even if you “think” you do not have the appropriate experience…do it anyways.  If you are in alignment with your Soul nature, you have more experience than any school or course can ever teach you.  Even if you have to start at the beginning with an entry level position, do it.  You will grow faster and be respected far beyond anything you have ever experienced in your physical life.  All because you deserve to be you and be recognized for it!  If you are already doing what you feel connected to in your heart, enjoy it and endeavour to always do your best each and every day.  It is all the Universe asks and the abundance that flows in return will leave you astounded!


We are all being called to take the initiative and become ourselves to allow for others to be themselves.  If we continue to wait for someone else to go first, we will quite simply be cheating ourselves of Being right now.  The only way to ignite the Reverberation Effect around you is to BE the most pure expression of yourself that you know how.  It is in that action and energy that you then allow others around you to do the same.  It has to start with someone, it might as well be you and what a better time to start than the present.  The only thing holding you back from experiencing this phenomena is you…enjoy the journey!


Through the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.