For me, much of the last month has been consumed with writing a book.  I have told some of you about it and many have expressed interest in what it will say.  So we decided to share two brief aspects of the book with you.  The first is a message from the Creator of this Universe and the second is a description of how and why the book is unfolding.  All of this work is led with the intention that people find their own truth.  Truth is something that lives within the heart of who we are.  When we are in connection with ourselves it is literally impossible to be deceived or manipulated. 


I am doing my best to bring that connection to everyone I meet.  I am honoured to be a teacher and humbled by the bountiful gifts the universe has bestowed upon me in the form of teachers and guides.  Each and every one of us is offered the same gifts in a variety of ways that are unique to us personally.  I wish for you the wisdom to see them when they are coming or have come and gone and the ability to accept them into your heart!




Why we are Here

A message from the Creator of this Universe


When I first chose to have this experience it was more of an inclination towards understanding the limits of possibility.  There had been a number of experiences in which Universes had been created to support one aspect of consciousness or another and sometimes even for a group of them, however this was the first time anything had been created that would support all intentions.  In “discussions” with other creator gods before this experience, many were doubtful of the ability to essentially hold the energy that would be required for this experience and then many questioned whether it would be a possibility or not.  I simply persevered and remained committed to creating a Universe where anything was possible. 


This is where the intention of free will was created.  No matter what I would choose to have unfolded in this experience, my personal desire was that free will was to lead the way.  It was important for the vision I had.  I wanted to experience a Universe where anything would be possible and if it really is anything, then I cannot be the sole Being to create and manifest experience, that would have to be left up to anyone and everyone who “plays” within the boundaries of the Universe.  These guidelines have created a remarkable experience with experiences and outcomes far greater than I had ever imagined possible.  It was not until this last human experience that has essentially allowed humanity to be disengaged so far from their Souls’ and who they really are that I saw a need for interception.


Through all of the experiences and all of the Beings who have played in this Universe my intention was to see how far it could actually go.  Well it turns out that it can go very far indeed, in fact almost so far as ultimate destruction.  Over the last century it became more and more evident that some extraordinary measures would need to be taken in order to realign the experience and unfolding of this Universe.  The intention of the awakening of the human consciousness is to combine the original intention of created man with some of the key aspects that humanity has become.  Likewise there are many aspects that will no longer be supported or welcome in the new vision I have for this Universe.


This is quite an interesting creation involving participation from each and every conscious Being within this Universe.  It was in the early summer of 2009 that any Beings who were “playing” within this Universe and were not in alignment with the new direction were eradicated.  They were given the choice to leave in the early spring and by late spring the choice was taken away and they were removed.


This grand removal caused quite a substantial change in energy in this Universe.  Each and every Being had moved into a space of being divinely protected while still maintaining the free will to choose and determine all of their experiences.  The change in energy also caused many who had been connected to anything that was not in alignment to begin to crumble and some even fell apart completely. 


The new intention for the Universe is to experience a complete knowing and understanding of all aspects of who we are and in turn this will allow us to share and respect others experiences.  I no longer wish for a Universe that contains any suffering.  The experience of suffering had its day and I chose for that to end and no longer be supported.  However with a creation as large and intricate as this, there is a need for time to process the changes.  This necessity is required for a number of reasons which I do not feel the need to share all of them, but I do however feel it would be useful to you to understand the basis for changing the direction of a Universe.


A change of this magnitude has never been experienced before.  Change itself is challenging and often many Beings are simply much more comfortable simply being who they are rather than changing and moving into an experience or energy that may be different.  When the decision was made to realign and create fundamental change within the boundaries of this Universe, I requested council from a great many other Creator Gods who were performing their own aspects of existence in expressions of their own Universes.  It was input and information that I truly valued and also knew I needed to heed in order to even begin such a drastic change. 


When I had finally begun to understand the energy and participation that this change would need in order to have a chance of being reached, I then began to share my vision and desire with the first and second stream of Angels that had been created.  I knew that their help was not only necessary but fundamental in the success of this new direction.  Not everyone was “on board” with this direction, however it was my intention and so; this is the direction that we were going.  All of the Angelics that were in agreement began to help lay the ground work.  This happened in ways that the human mind could never grasp in its current functioning capacity, but when it increases, you will understand everything completely; instantly. 


Prior to the beginning stage is when there were Souls who were requested to do their particular part in sharing who they naturally are in unique ways.  Many agreed however there were also many who did not agree and chose to simply watch the events unfold from a safe distance.  Those Souls who agreed and chose to participate then began to receive and participate in their guidance and training all in preparation for the main event.  Now, please understand that the main event is one that unfolds over an extended period of time in order to allow for a complete and balanced experience.  There have been many set-backs and unexplained occurrences in which change has unfolded at a rate that exceeded or slowed.  Much of our planning from the non-physical standpoint was fine, however there were many aspects that we missed all for the simple fact that most all of the Creator Gods have never actually experienced a physical human life. 


For that reason there were aspects and experiences that we had no concept or understanding of, simply because we had never been there.  This is a fundamental rule of existence; resonance will only take you so far into an experience.  If you are in search of a complete and full understanding you must experience it yourself.  There is wisdom in a personal experience that simply cannot be transferred through any sort of communication.  This is true for any and all Conscious Beings and this is an aspect that we not only overlooked in our planning but we took for granted.  We had no concept of the resistance we would encounter from humanity on this front, nor did we have any idea of the impact that it would have on the entire awakening process.


It was when we accepted this and began to understand it that we began to see the depth of the project we had chosen to undertake.  We knew it was large, but we really had no concept of the actual proportions until this occurred.  When we also realized that all of the non-physical Beings were going to go through as much change as the physical Beings and at the same time, we knew that this was not only something never before experienced, but it was then that we really began to grasp the intensity and impact of this project.  When we finally began to see the enormity of the situation we also realized that it simply may not be possible to experience this much change.  As a group – the group now known as Unity, we chose to undertake it against all of the challenges we knew about and all of those we would uncover along the way.


There seemed to be a beautiful flow when the momentum began, right up until many of the original and first created stream of Angelics began to resist the new direction.  However as each challenge appeared, we worked together to create an outcome that would allow for movement and alignment with consciousness within the new boundaries and intentions of the Universe.  As trust was reinstated and accepted, then slowly the boundaries that had served to protect were slowly removed and a new way of being was accepted and slowly integrated.  The unfolding process has been extensive and demanding and will continue to be that way until each and every aspect that is intended to be removed and released is complete along with integrating and accepting all aspects of what has been chosen to be included.


I must say that I commend all of you who have committed to yourselves and to each other to choose a new life experience.  It is a journey that has taken many of you to places both internally and externally that were never imagined.  But the end result is also becoming so much more than was ever imagined to be possible. 


I thank you for allowing me to make changes that I saw as necessary to allow for a complete and balanced fulfilling experience in both human and non-physical form.




A message from Unity.


There is a moment in everyone’s life when they become connected to who they are and why they are here.  It is not often in the past that many have remembered this experience much before the moment of death.  It is now the intention of the Creator of this Universe to have that happen for all individuals currently living and experiencing this Universe.  All who reside here will be granted the opportunity to remain in this phenomenal experience however they will need to change their intentions to align and resonate with that of all other beings.


The messages I am about to share with you are truth that is in alignment with this Universe.  Each and every individual has their own truth which allows them their personal scope of understanding and experience; however it is imperative that all Beings now have a truth that is in alignment with the movement forward.


There are many who share bits and parts of information about the current unfolding of consciousness; however they are only able to share what is in alignment with their personal truth as Universal information is not entirely available to them.  It is the intention and has been for over a century to have the fullness of information shared through one individual.  This individual was required to go through an extensive process of learning through experience and resonance.  The process was extensive and occurred outside the confines of time and space in order for the most optimal outcome. 


Essentially this person – yes, indeed it was absolutely necessary to have this be a Soul who would arrive at the exact moment that the presence was necessary in a human form.  It was also arranged to have this person arrive in a feminine form as the past human experience has proven for this to be the more approachable of the two forms.  It was also intended that this particular Being be unbiased in any way and have a nature that would lead them to places and experiences that would stretch and challenge the beliefs and understandings of others. 


There were extensive preparations done on the part of a great number of non-physical Beings in order for this experiment to work.  We all (Unity) met with this Being in order to prepare her for the great undertaking that she along with a great many non-physical beings had committed to.  The commitment was to assist in the unfolding of the current experience while raising the awareness of the human consciousness. 


Her understanding of the fundamental aspects of resonance was astounding and her ability to go with the flow created the ideal combination of natural and instinctual Soul aspects that made her the most suitable Soul for the agreement.  In preparation for the task, she undertook extensive training in many forms with a focus on resonance and the process of connecting to a great many non-physical Beings.  There was a necessity for balance and the ability to believe in and receive the source of the connection without the mind getting in the way, especially when it came to some of the more misrepresented Beings.  However the connections to these Beings were so complete and so full that the conscious reconnection process has gone quite smoothly indeed.


We would like to share with you some of the individual Beings who committed to this particular project and its intention to allow humanity an opportunity to receive pure information about who they really are and why they are really here in physical form.

To name but a few, Jesus – the first human who mastered the ability to consciously remember who he really is within the confines of a human body; Mother Mary – the holder of divine nurturing, which is available to all Beings, however it must be requested; Mary Magdalene –  understands the fine details of how a physical expression can share in the complete balance of the Soul; God – the creator of this Universe; Gaia – Mother Earth, the only planetary Being who supports all life forces and allows for such a diverse and unique experience; Father Sun, the holder of the key to understanding the perfect balance and use of personal power; Luna – the remarkable Being of balance allows for a depth of freedom in order to be able to see all aspects of oneself, including both the light and the dark, creating an understanding that all aspects create the entirety of who we are without any judgement; Neptune, the creator of light within a specific experience, rather like that of a light bulb that fills a room, he has the ability to fill an experience; Pan – the creator and constant maintainer of balance and harmony in all physical experiences, when humanity remembers who they are and re-establish the ability to reconnect with their Souls on a conscious level, Pan’s effort will be able to decrease by at least half to the original intention of his post and position here; Satan – the original and first created Angelic in this Universe, essentially the eldest son of God; Archangel Michael – the second created light Angelic, created with the purpose to allow for clarity and discernment while still being completely immersed in any given experience; Lucifer – the original and first Angelic to be created in the light, he is Michael’s elder brother and a younger brother to Satan, Lucifer is the holder of the light for this entire existence, he shares and infuses understanding of the light and how it functions; these are but a few of us.  As you continue on in this book you will be able to get to know us along with a great many other beings who all work diligently to maintain this Universe and continue with the intentions of the Creator. 


The Being that was chosen for the task of Universal Communicator to assist in the awakening of Humanity has arrived as Michelle Vickers.  Michelle arrived into this experience when she was born in Ontario, Canada on October, 21st, 1974.  Michelle’s Soul nature of communication; respect and compassion through resonance with the intention of truth combined with her Soul’s existence of the drive towards experience and adventure creates a balanced combination that enables us to share our messages as true to the original intention as possible in human form.  Even though her human intention is to remain anonymous and live a simple human existence, she is being called to fulfill her role as part of the team of Unity and part of her destiny as was chosen by her Soul a long time ago.


The names and labels used are essentially for the human understanding and as each and every human begins the journey to move into as greater understanding and awareness of who they are, the necessity for names and labels will fall away.  However until that time arrives “We” understand the necessity for the tools.  In fact when the communication between Michelle and the group of us began to deepen and the many meetings of re-acquaintance between each of us began to dwindle and the task at hand began to become the focus of our meetings, we began to see that there were many instances where “we”- all of the creator Gods of this Universe – as a whole had many messages in which we all were behind the same intention and message, therefore it became evident that a singular name or label would be useful for these specific messages.  In order not to confuse and to be very plainly specific that we all were behind one message, these messages have a specific power behind them along with a specific intention to be fundamentally clear and simple.  As a group we decided upon the name Unity – the Soul’s of all the creators and sustainers of this Universe.  As you travel through this book, whenever there is no specific notes about messages coming directly from a specific Being, know they are coming from Unity.


Through the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.