Being pummelled by tidal wave after tidal wave of energy was not exactly my idea of a gentle welcome into the New Year.  But this is what we have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks.  There has been a mix of physical extremes from having bouts of so much energy that you are constantly restless; to being so exhausted that you do not even want to think, let alone talk to anyone or do anything.  Then in the next minute you are up and ready to run a marathon.  Many have also experienced a variety of colds and flues indicating the need for taking a much desired break from the physical world.  There have also been a myriad of relationships coming into balance through beginnings and endings and even through experiences of remarkable recognition.


Through all of these experiences and change, just when you are in the midst of having a challenging experience, something happens that makes you smile and allows your heart to open a little bit more.  This is not the human heart that you have used to guide you through the physical world, but the heart that holds who you are inside of your human body.  It is in the heart that your own personal vibration lives.  It is what guides you through this life on a higher and deeply connected level and it is your choice whether you choose to follow it or not.


There is so much happening on a Universal level that it is challenging to explain in one brief posting, however I will do my best.  The original intention of the creation of this Universe was simply to experience.  With that intention as a driving force there were a group of Angels created and their “job” was to create matter.    These were the original Angels in this Universe and are now over 3 billion years old.  I should note that Angelics are the only Beings created with a specific purpose and job.  Once matter was created by the first Angelics, then it was decided that the possibility of experience would be created. 


This aspect was left to a newly created group of Angelics whose specific role was to bring existence and experience to matter.  During this phase there was some restructuring that occurred along with extensive movement.  In creating the Solar System we now call home, Gaia (Mother Earth) was chosen to be moved from her past location to that of her current place in the Solar System we call home.  Some of the planets were created specifically for this experience and others were essentially brought here to create the perfect balance for the experience.  The underlying goal (for lack of a better English word) is to always strive for balance in any experience.


As the solar system was being created there were also choices and decisions about what would occur within the creation.  So one after another, experiences began to unfold within the Universe.  Many are too far reaching from our current understanding, but in our hearts we know them to be true.  These experiences are evident when movies, books and television programs are created that take the human understanding and belief system beyond what it knows to be possible.  These movies and books had to come from somewhere.  Although we have imagination, it is fundamentally an aspect of being human, which in turn means it is all based on past knowledge and understanding.  It is through the experience of our connection with our Soul that allows us to create remarkable stories that push the limits of the mind and allow the heart to connect.


I have given you a very minimal background picture of the Universe with the intention that you will be able to have a greater understanding of where we currently find ourselves and also begin to comprehend the intention for humanity to move forward.  We have been experiencing energy infusions for the past 10 years and specifically the ones we have experienced over the last 6 months have been to remind us more and more of the experiences we have had that are in alignment with who we truly are.  Often times we have been reminded of people from our past or have even at times had chance meetings with them.  We have had intense experiences that have completely changed our path and often challenge what we know and believe.  Our dreams are so incredibly intense and filled with energy that we are often disoriented when we wake.  All of these occurrences are an effort from your Soul; in alignment with the new direction of the Universe to assist us in remembering who we really are. 


I know for myself that this has unfolded in a variety of ways that are incredible when reflected upon.  I wish I had an imagination just one portion the size of the power that this Universe holds for creation and intention.  Over the past few months and with much greater intensity over the past couple of weeks, I have had lucid moments of childhood memories from age 2 having conversations with the Faeries who held court in my bedroom on a weekly basis.  I have always remembered the experiences with the Faeries, now however I am remembering specific conversations and messages we shared.  Remembering grade school and having deep conversations where I was in full connection with my Soul and that of my acquaintance enabling me to share messages that were desired…when I was as young as 7.   I remembered playing at home while my mother talked to a friend on the telephone, she asked her friend a question and I gave her the answer; the reply I got from my mother was “don’t be such a know-it-all”.  And so I learnt to keep my mouth shut and not to share the messages I was constantly receiving.  


Throughout high school, I was more of a wanderer.  My friends changed often, mostly due to the fact that I was always restless and looking for a different experience and innately being drawn to wherever I was needed.  Whether for my own knowledge or for that of the person I was connecting with.  I was motivated by a sense of awe and a keen interest in understanding the vast differences in experiences and emotions that everyone around me was having. 


I am telling you all of this in the hopes that you will be able to recognize what messages the Universe is reminding you of.  We are all going through the exact same energy shifts and infusions at the exact same time; that has always been the intention.  When each and every Being throughout the Universe is in the same experience at the same time, this is where the power and momentum for change occurs.  It is in the uniqueness of the individual that determines how our personal experience unfolds, but it is the Universal energy that determines if change is in fact possible.


The energy infusions we have been receiving are consistently getting more and more specific as we awaken and become more conscious of who we are.  I have often heard people refer to all of humanity as one and that we are all one in the same.  I will do my best to explain my understanding of how we were created in this sense.  Yes, we are all human.  Yes we are all Conscious Beings.  Yes, we were all created with the intention for us to experience being conscious.  However we are all individual and unique, there are no two Souls exactly alike in the entire Universe.


Souls are created in groups with intentions for particular experiences.  Within that group each Soul is created with a specific intent and energy that will add balance to not only their Soul family but to the entire Universe.  Often this is where the feeling of duty and purpose comes into our hearts and leads us on a search for more.  However it often gets muddled up with the human aspects and our egos and becomes a mission or something we have to do in order to help other people.  This is actually the furthest thing from the truth. 


When we are a full expression of ourselves we have the ability to give and receive at the highest and purest levels.  This is only possible when we have completely accepted all aspects of who we are.  The aspects of duty and purpose are completely human and extremely limiting both physically and spiritually.  The intention of this Universe is to explore by leading with our personal nature.  However, in order to explore in the original sense of the meaning we must first be ourselves.   And so we have found the challenge that humanity faces and has faced for thousands of years.  This is also because this challenge was created by humans who knew the innate power within each and every Being and they wished to control and manipulate that. 


It was easy to manipulate the human race simply because humanity was created to be open and trusting.  There was a small group who managed to work effectively to cover up the innate knowledge of humanity.  They used a variety of methods of manipulation that spanned almost every inch of the globe, but what they did not count on is that the Soul is stronger and more powerful when it is in pure expression than any type of manipulation or control.


As we go through the awakening process there are so many physical experiences we have that confirm the process and show us in physical form what is occurring.  One of the most miraculous experiences I have had to date is with the new energy that is arriving and as we are experiencing moments of clearer understanding and a deeper understanding of how this amazing creation works, there are changes that are occurring in the human brain.  These changes although currently slight are indeed profound in that they are allowing the brain to become more fully involved.  As we open to who we really are we are creating the ability to allow for the use of the entire human brain, something that has eluded scientists for years.  This experience is an aspect of awakening that will take science to new levels.  The direction we are going is essentially to create the ability to use the entire brain as it was originally intended. 


The original intent never occurred because of the control that was administered and followed by thousands of years of human programming.  This is too long to go into in this short message, but I will cover it more in depth in the first book if you are interested.  But I will say, it amazes me that in their attempt to control they hindered what is the most incredible creation to ever be experienced.  Not to worry though, we are back on track and are actually stronger in that as we go through the process of reclaiming our conscious connection to our Soul and remembering who we are, we are also learning the power of truth and purity as we transcend control, fear and manipulation.


With everything that has been occurring the reactions are similar to a rollercoaster ride that has twists and turns and takes you upside down.  The Soul is enjoying the prospect of being consciously recognized for who it is and why it came here and is essentially saying “wooo-hooo”!  While the human side has moments of tugging on the reins saying, “just wait one minute now”.  This occurs mostly when it is worried how others will react to their own personal truth.  It is when we finally find the courage in our hearts to be ourselves that we will soar in our experience.  There is not another person on the face of this Earth that can tell us who we are and why we are here, these answers come directly from our relationship with our Soul.  That is why I believe so strongly in assisting people to reconnect with their Soul.  There are a number of divine interventions with Beings who are both physical and non-physical who will allow us the opportunity to see aspects of ourselves that we have hidden.  These experiences have been occurring for our entire lives and it is always our choice whether we accept them or not.  We are each teachers and students in any and all experiences that we encounter and it is again our choice what we choose to accept as truth.  There are definite indicators of truth in ourselves, and in who another Being is along with truth in experience.  Truth is found within your heart, it always tells you the intentions of another. 


The tricky part for most people is staying in the heart energy to gauge truth.  Most of us have been trained by society to go to the mind to detect truth.  The mind is what we have been taught to lead with, it holds our past human experiences and in turn our understanding of what is and what is not.  We must remember that the mind is part of the physical body and in that has limitations of what it can understand.  This aspect is essentially what enabled us as a race to be so easily manipulated.  Basically this is also where our limitations lie, along with a fear of being judged and condemned if we are different from others.  It is when we find the courage within our hearts and step onto our true path, that it not only feels so right, it also feels like home.


Many mothers I have talked to and that have shared their stories with me find that they had expected to experience a sense of fulfillment upon having children.  Instead many have found an emptiness or a sense of “is this all there is?”.  This occurs for one specific reason, we cannot find our happiness within another Being.  It does not work that way and quite simply it does not exist.  Our contentment and fullness comes from within ourselves.  No one can tell us how to find it or what it will feel like for us, that is all part of our journey.  There are many who can support yous as we go through our journey, but never can they do any part of it for us…it is ours and ours alone. 


When you recognize this to be true, it does not mean you love your children any less, it actually means you are now allowing them to become who they are.  Simply because you are being true to yourself and taking whatever it is you need to be a full expression of yourself and while you do this, you are teaching them the same lesson.  This is the one most valuable lesson that we can teach anyone around us and the only way to teach it is to be it.


The children who are arriving now are even more open that the ones who have been arriving for the past 20 years.  Each and every energy infusion that we receive allows the new Souls who are entering to stay in that connection with their own Soul.  If you are looking for an answer or a teacher on your journey; there is much we can learn from the children…just let go of your expectation of how the lesson will be taught!  They will teach in their very own magical way that will have a force all of its own and bring astounding effects that will create change. 


Essentially when we find the courage to be ourselves there are a number of key elements that all fall into place at the exact same moment. 

  • We find our true self through a connection of the human and Soul
  • We love our self completely and inclusively of all aspects
  • We now have the ability to love another – entirely without any judgement
  • We become instantly and completely in alignment with the intention of the Universe
  • We experience a perfect balance of giving and receiving; there is no thought to this, it simply occurs because you are open to the universal flow.

The only way for this experience to occur is that it must come directly from heart energy, and it must be pure beyond any physical aspects.  You will always know how to reach this place, when you feel the vibration within yourself grow.  The “space” around your heart grows in such a way that you feel your connection to everyone and everything around you.


It has always been a most challenging occurrence to try and use words to describe feelings.  With the new energy infusions we have been given, the connection to our heart energy is not nearly as elusive as it has been in times past.  We are all being given the opportunity to connect to ourselves and each other and live a human life that is full.  There is no turning back, we are all on the path to a new Universe, a new Earth and a new way of Being.  The 2012 phenomena does have merit, it is just not what it has been painted as.  However this is enough for now, we will discuss 2012 in the coming Through the Heart posts.  2011 has enough going on right now that we do not need to put our intention on an event which is months away, it is important for us to be in the moment, as completely as we are able.


As much as we are all one; a vast number of Beings, experiencing an evolution of epic proportions all at the same time.  We are all individual in how we experience our awakening.  It is in the essence of who we are as an individual Soul that allows for us to give and receive on a Universal level.  It is in the fundamental flow of giving and receiving that we are able to transcend our old belief of who we are and accept that we are an individual who is in this experience together with every other individual.  There is no desire to do what another Being does, we are being strongly drawn to becoming ourselves and sharing who we are and what we alone can offer this Universe.  Most importantly it is up to us whether we remember and whether we choose to share our gift or keep it to ourselves.  Remember one thing, it is only when we share that we are able to receive.  This is all part of the perfect balance of creation.


Wishing you all the courage to stand in your truth and shine as you express who you really are with the world.  You are worth getting to know and your gift to this Universe is valuable and important.


Through the Heart,





You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.