There are a startling number of changes occurring on the planet right now.  Gaia (Mother Earth) herself is making changes and experiencing them at a much faster rate than she had ever considered possible.  It is a time of not only wonder, but of enlightenment towards possibility.  Right now we are all being given the opportunity to decide if what we have experienced has or is working for us and if there are any aspects that we would like to change.  Essentially we are being offered the silver platter that holds the life we have always dreamed of. 


The way in which most of us were raised and socialized we were often taught to be in a perpetual state of desire.  Wanting what we do not have or have not yet experienced.  Even for spiritual seekers this can be a trap of the human aspects of who we are, in that many are in the perpetual state of looking for more.  All of this discontent energy creates an inner feeling of not being enough just as you are and often overlooks the importance of the lesson or lessons you are currently experiencing.  


Reflection of ourselves with the intent to accept where we are and believe what is possible for where we wish to go can very easily shift into a state of discontent.  This seems to be a recurring process, especially at this time of year.  Many people taking stock of what they did and did not receive over the holidays.  Or reflecting on the expectations we set for our friends and family, or the ones we set for ourselves.  Because this energy is so abundant at this time of year, that is why the Universe has chosen now to gift us with the ability to overcome and transcend this patterned process that we have mastered.


It is when we are true to our own selves and are ready and willing to look at ourselves without judgement, but with honesty and truth that we are able to grow to our full potential.  Pure in thought and pure in intent are not always easy to attain.  However when we set our intention to do our personal best with the experience and information we have, it is then that the Soul finds contentment within its rightful place within the Universe and in the current experience it is having. 


Our thought process controls much of how we experience any given situation.  From how we understand what has occurred between ourselves and another, to what actions we have or have not chosen to take.  Our brain is often the filter we use to lead us through life.  It is up to us to choose how pure that filter is.  All of the brains’ decisions and choices come from experience.  Whether it is something we are choosing to repeat or to change a direction and try something new, it is the past experience that dictates where we have been and where we are going.


How often do you change the filter on your furnace or your water cleaner?  How often do you change your tooth brush or wash your sheets?   Do you know that feeling when you first change a filter or wash the sheets?  It feels fresh and untainted a very clean and clear experience.  This is what the Universe is offering us right now.  The ability to clean out our filter (our mind), allowing us the opportunity to have a fresh perspective on all of our experiences.  A perspective that is not only in alignment with who we currently are, but one that allows us to act with an intent which is a more pure expression of who we have become.


Because the filter is ours and ours alone, it has become increasingly evident that it is ineffective to cast blame on someone else for any situation we find ourselves in.  When we choose to accept or decline the actions or energy of another person or people, then we are responsible for the outcome as it applies to us.  What all of this change right now is telling us, is that if we have an experience that we would like to change, we can.  The uniqueness of this recently arrived energy is that it holds a completely new and higher vibration.  Higher does not mean better, in this instance it simply means that the energy is fundamentally different from any other that has been available to humanity before.  So whenever we are experiencing something new, there is a learning process to go through.


We are being given the opportunity to try new things and have different experiences.  All of this is in an effort to allow us to see what we actually want to create in our personal perfect life.  We create the new through our past experience.  Our understanding of where we have been, what we liked and what we would like to change.  There is a small element of trust that we have had to use so far.  Currently we are not only being offered the possibility of more, but we are also being shown how to trust.  The Universe – through experience – is teaching us how to remember how to trust ourselves.  It is a magical and often awe inspiring experience to be in a moment of complete and utter trust with yourself and with the Universe. 


This Universal push towards ultimate trust has been causing us all some uncomfortable moments over the past couple of weeks.  Times and experiences of inner imbalance in which our ego has allowed our emotions to lead us.  Periods when we have experienced anger, love, frustration, contentment, annoyance and pleasure; and sometimes all of these emotions occurring simultaneously within one brief experience or moment.  Many have also experienced feelings of being completely misunderstood or that of being invisible.  Well, these have all been lessons intended to allow us to see the illusion we have created in our minds that we have called “trust”. 


These experiences are not to teach us to shut down and smother our trust, but rather to take the chance of trusting another Being, no matter what the outcome.  It is through this pure trust that we will be able to attain the perfectly balanced life we are searching for.  We are also being reminded of the necessity to act wisely when another Being puts their trust in us.  All in a conscious effort to bring balance to the energy we give and receive through setting our intention to act in the highest good towards everyone we come into contact with. 


It has been an interesting few weeks as the Universe has made this new energy available to us.  Never before have we been challenged with receiving and learning two major energy infusions at one time.  The current infusions of Trust and Judgement have been delivered so we are able to allow the mind to go through the process of cleansing and replacing the old and used filter with a new clean one.  The intention of this energy is for each of us to be left with a filter (the mind) that is as pure as we can be combined with the understanding we have gained so far.


We will never all be at the same place at the same time, that is not the intention of this experience.  Being human is about being in a personal physical experience at the same time as many others.  It is about being able to be yourself in a sea of other energies and intentions. 


It is when we have forgotten who we are that it can be the most difficult to deal with the physical situation.  Simply because when we forget who we are, the human tendency is to look to other people and use their failures and successes to gage our own.  Unfortunately this will only cause us heartache and gives us a set of goals that essentially have nothing to do with who we are, what we do or why we are here. 


Right now and for the past four months, the Universe has been more active in its role of assisting us with staying on our true path.  It is continuously reminding us of who we are all the while offering us ample opportunity to choose what experiences are of interest to us.  When our interests are in line with our Soul, they become longings we cannot explain.  We are always given the opportunity to go in any direction we wish, as this Universe operates on the fundamental law of free will.  However when we make choices that are in alignment with our Soul, it is then that we will soar to places both within ourselves and physically that we could not learn from another person. 


These experiences are a part of who we are on a fundamental level.  They fill us with the energy to keep going on our personal quest and they inspire us to assist others in finding that feeling within themselves.  When we do our best to maintain a conscious decision to assist others, the Universe is not simply using the law of attraction, it is actually working with you.  It has acknowledged that you are on the true path for you and in turn you are on the true path to support the fundamental changes that are occurring in this Universe at this time. 


The Universe and all of the Beings who reside here hold a very deep respect for those who wish to be of service to others.  Those who act with such a pure intent that they have dedicated who they are to being themselves.  They have allowed themselves to shine and vibrate with the most incredibly pure expression of who they truly are; not in their mind but in their Soul.  Today, January 11th, 2011 is a portal day for those who have set the clear intention to become purer in intent and expression to have that opportunity now.  So congratulations to all of you who have worked and dedicated your lives to remembering who you are, you are now getting a standing ovation from the Universe. 


This is something I have never seen or felt before in all of my experiences in communicating with the diverse group of non-physical Beings who have become my friends.  They are “singing” a song of such incredible sound – inclusive of light and vibration – that it is almost physical and it seems to float around me and become part of me.  Wow, I thank you all, because this experience would never have happened without each and every person working towards the same goal of humanity remembering who we really are and why we came here to experience being human.


The Universe is tireless in its effort to support us.  It is teaching us through example how we are being encouraged to be tireless with ourselves and those around us.  We are learning all of this while we continue to grow and experience all of the wonderful and sometimes challenging new states of Being that are continuously arriving.  The Universe and all of the non-physical Beings who live here already see how amazing each of us are.  Your Soul knows what you are capable of and holds the deepest compassion and respect for all of your past experiences and where you currently are.  There is no judgement or expectations of you.  You are perfect just being you and in an endeavour to allow us to experience Being us, we are shown when we are out of balance. 


Over the holiday season I had the wonderful experience of loosing my voice.  It came on very quickly and lasted a short time.  As soon as it began I set my intention on finding out what my Soul wanted me to see that was out of balance within me.  Within an hour I had completely lost my voice, a very interesting place to be for someone who uses their voice to share messages with the world.  However I was being reminded that I also needed to listen just as much if not more that I need to speak.  When I understood the message and the lesson, my voice returned almost immediately.  Over the next couple of days I learned a few very valuable lessons that I needed to in order to be prepared for the energy that arrived this morning. 


Our lessons are unique to who we are, what we have chosen to experience and where we have chosen to put our intention.  If we are open to more than is in front of us and we have the patience and openness to see just when and how it is going to show up, it always will.


Many people have experienced an illness of one degree or another over the past couple of months and essentially throughout your life.  Everything from broken bones to headaches and rashes are all lessons if we choose to listen.  My belief and understanding about illness and disease is that it is your Soul’s way of communicating emotional issues that you have chosen to ignore.  The Universe and the Soul give us numerous opportunities to see just what aspect of ourselves is holding us out of balance.  It is always our choice whether we decide to acknowledge it or not. 


Once we become aware of the imbalance and set a clear intention to restore balance and hold that intention throughout our experiences, then we are on the path to mending our emotional selves which in turn will restore the balance within our physical bodies.  The relationship between the emotional, spiritual and physical parts of us is the most intimate relationship we will ever have.  Much more intimate and intense that any relationship we could possibly have with another Being. 


The energy we are experiencing right now combined with Mercury’s location in the Universe is definitely creating some very interesting feelings and experiences.  We are going through so many changes in vibrations and energies all in preparation for a rebirth into the life we have created.  Therefore, prepare yourselves for a quick and intense shift around the 18th of January when movement will be not just a word or a thought, but a way of life!  Take the time now when we are in a phase of constriction of movement to learn and review your experiences in order to create the life you desire in your heart.  Remember you are the only one who has the power to create the perfect life for you.  Be sure to create with a pure intention that comes directly from your heart’s desire and not that of the mind or the ego. 


Laugh with yourself, laugh with others and allow yourself and others room to grow and learn more about who you are and what you just might like to experience…it’s all possible, you just have to believe!



From the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.

Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.