This posting is unique in it's style and content in comparison to other messages.  First of all I would like to thank all of you who are interested and take the time to read my postings, without you and your intention to know, this work would not be possible for me.  I would also like to apologize for not writing as much as I had intended over the past couple of weeks.  In between all of the amazing Soul Connections I have been doing, I have also been writing my first book.  I still have not settled on a title, I feel that when the project is complete it will simply show up.  But I am doing my very best to incorporate as much of the Remembering You courses as I can into the written word so you are able to have your very own support as you go through this amazing process.  Writing is an exciting and sometimes intimidating process for me and mostly I am having a lot of fun with it!  During this writing experience I have also had another very exciting and inspiring project evolve.

Like so many people, over my life I have read many, many books that have descriptions, stories and answers all about what the author has experienced and has chosen to share.  They are wonderful books and when I would read them I would think of questions I would like the answers to.  So, it made me think that with my gift of Universal Communication, why not ask questions that I want the answers to?  I began to wonder if other people have questions that they would like the answers to as well.  So I decided to ask a few friends and to my delight they did have questions and were excited about the possibility of the answers along with what other people are interested in asking.  Now I have already begun collecting reseach for my second book.  This book will be a collection of questions from a variety of people with answers from many wonderful  non-physical friends that call our Universe home.

This is where I would like some help from you.  If you have a question that you would like to ask the Universe, then please send it to me.  The plan is to have a book filled with your questions and have them all answered by the most appropriate Universal Being.  As always, just like a Soul Connection the questions will be anonymous.  All questions are welcome, spiritual, scientific, physical, emotional…whatever inspires you enough to ask.  Be creative.

You can ask anyone…this may be hard to believe but this is why Michelle is here now; to communicate so people can get the answers.  Contrary to what society has trained humanity to believe the answers are available and until you are able to remember how to get them on your own, Michelle is here to assist.  Michelle has remembered her gift to be able to communicate with any conscious Being.  Conscious Beings are described as any Being who is conscious of their existence.  Therefore it is possible to communicate with any human who is either in physical form still or who has passed on, because the communication happens directly with the Soul and not from the mind of the human. 


Some of the Beings I have connected with include; many of the Angelics such as the Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Ariel and many more; a variety of Faeries, Gnomes & Nymphs; The Creator of this Universe (yes he is definitely interested in communicating, he is not as elusive as we have been led to believe); Adam & Eve; the planetary Beings such as Gaia, Luna, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, and so on; the wind & water always have profound messages to share with us. 


I have also communicated with a variety of Extra Terrestrials who are also interested in what humanity is currently doing.  Contrary to popular belief ET’s come in a variety of forms and with a variety of intentions.  There are all types of intentions; some that share and respect the intentions of this Universe and there are also some that do not.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting and communicating with a variety of Dragons and a great many others.


You can have conversations and ask questions to any conscious Being in existence…you may have to stretch your belief system to accept this, but give it a try, and imagine the possibilities!  You may actually get the answer to a question you have always wanted to know. 


You can ask any question you would like to know the answer to.  I know that sounds so general, so here are a few examples of what people have been asking;

  • Will the world end in 2012?
  • Describe the evolution of the Universe.
  • Did Atlantis really exist?
  • Will humanity be able to experience using the entire functions of the brain?
  • Why do children die from disease?
  • Is there one God?
  • Which religion is the right one?
  • How many types of Dragons are there?


***Very Important note; this work is very different from any psychic readings or anything of the like.  When you are asking a question through me, it is in real time and the answer is in real time.  It is happening in this current moment, which is vitally important as there are many Beings who live outside the confines of time and space but they still play here.  You may communicate with them, however they will remember this as an event in their experiences, not as a particular date that an event occurred.  Therefore if you are asking a time specific question, then the answer will be given in the current time with the intention of the energy that is currently available.

I would also ask if you could pass this message on to anyone you know who may be interested.  I think the most captivating and interesting book will be filled with questions from an extensively diverse group of people.  

Being in a conscious connection with the Universe and receiving messages is when my Soul is the most happy and content.  This is the most fulfilling work I could ever do and I am grateful to have people like you who are interested in a greater knowing, you are why I am able to continue to grow, learn and share. Please send your questions to  I thank you in advance and look foward to this amazin new project!

I almost forgot, I have been learning a lot more about the social networking world and I have created a new Facebook page, please stop in and have a look  Michelle Vickers – Community Connection Page

From the Heart,