Synchronicity, a simple yet complex word that encompasses the human experience in its entirety.  The experiences we have all had are ours and ours alone.  However we are moving into a new energy that is allowing for a growing and strengthening sense of companionship, support and mutual understanding that comes directly from respect.  This is the energy that will be able to take us out of the creating and planning phase of the new life that we are building.  It will actually deliver us right to the door step of the actual experience we have chosen to create.  There is an aspect of this new energy that is so powerful, it feels as though we could ride it clear across the planet and end up in a completely different location surrounded by a completely different group of people.  In fact many of us will find this is exactly what is going to occur for us, we will find ourselves surrounded by a group of people who completely understand and support us in our new ideals and directions.


This is the new experience we have been waiting for.  It is arriving at breakneck speed taking many of us by surprise with the intensity.  There are at times feelings of being overwhelmed or quite simply of being rocked to the core of your Being.   The intense waves of energy vary from staggering events to the smallest occurrence that before would have passed without a second thought but now brings a flood of emotions that leave you feeling drained, disoriented and often breathless.


The Winter Solstice which arrives in full force on this very special night is in fact a once in a lifetime experience.  It will be an event of remarkable change towards the future we have decided on for ourselves.  For those who have been consciously working towards a greater understanding of who they are and why they are here, you are in for a wonderful surprise.  For those who are just beginning to open to the possibility of more you will also experience a change within.  It will be very similar to finding and opening your very own treasure chest.  You will be given the gift of remembering where you hid the key to your treasure chest and then you will be able to open it to remember what gifts you hid inside. 


Inside the chest is the magic within ourselves that we had forgotten.  The full moon eclipse energy is allowing for us to find a deeper and more profound message that we have hidden within ourselves.  No matter how much looking we do and how deep we have gone, there is always a newer and deeper message that is hidden within us.  This perpetual depth is what at times causes us to feel as though we are in fact moving in reverse or standing still in our journey.  When in actual fact we are simply at a new gate or doorway within us that is allowing for a re-birth process which will lead us to a clearer awareness of who we are and why we are here.  Often the time preceding the re-birth experience can be cumbersome, constricting and often frustrating…just like the physical birth process we experience as we come into this experience.  However once we arrive in the full experience of any new energy, it is a euphoric and blissful period that we are able to fully enjoy and experience.


Remember having a physical experience is just as important as the inner spiritual experience…that is actually why we chose to come here.  So tonight on this very special night as you enjoy the new energy, if you are able I would also suggest taking in the beauty of the epic event as Luna shows us a beautiful side of her so rarely seen.  For more information on this please visit


There is so much more to say, but right now I am unfortunately short on time so I will write again soon.  I am currently very busy completing a contract which will end with the year 2010.  I have chosen to focus all of my energy on sharing Soul messages and non-physical communication with all of those who are searching.  So whatever that has in store for me for 2011 I look forward to the adventure.  It will allow me to have more time to write and share messages on a more regular basis and travel to those of you who have been requesting it for some time.


Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a very special Winter Solstice.  May you all have the courage to follow your heart; so you are able to experience the life you have always dreamed of and desired.


From my heart to all of yours,