There has been much change and a very interesting chain of events that have occurred over the past 2 weeks.  There has been an influx in situations that are now allowing for an uncovering of what we had perceived was safely hidden away.  We had told ourselves that there were things about us that we should feel ashamed of or simply not be proud of and now we are in the midst of having all of this come out into the open.  The more we try to keep it hidden and hold onto a false sense of identity, the more challenging our day to day experiences are right now.

We have begun to uncover who we are in a whole new way and in order to go deeper into who we are, we also have to see who we are not.  Often the people we believe we are, is in fact very far from the truth.  The truth is that we are all much better than we think we are.  We are more important, more creative, more empowered and more empowering if we simply let ourselves shine.  We are all here for a reason and we are all here to experience something we have chosen.  There is a strong misinterpretation that there are people who are better than us or that we are simply not enough as we are.  Well this is all part of the illusion of being in a physical human body.

This message is as far from my normal writing style as it could get, which is extremely in alignment with the energy that is now entering many of our lives.  I cannot tell you how many emails and phone calls I have received about people experiencing headaches, nausea, dizziness or a flu bug.  Although these can be indications that the body is not well, often they are the body’s way of interpreting which emotions are running the show for us.  Currently the strong force of energy that we are now being presented with and will continue to do so for the next 30 days is that of absolute TRUTH.  The intention is to allow us to uncover our individual truth on our own, however if we are resistant to this process, we will be shown and guided more persistently.   

Many of us have spent much of our lives here covering up the truth of who we really are in order to be who we think we should be or to be how someone else wants or wanted us to be.  The ironic thing about all of that is that it is exhausting work being someone we really aren’t and doing something that is not what we do.  You can ask Archangel Michael, he did it for over a million years and he was exhausted from the tirelessness of his pursuit.  Many of us felt the drastic change in energy when the Universe rebalanced itself in June of 2010 when everyone returned to their rightful roles.  The intention was that humanity would follow suit and begin to follow their hearts and instincts to return to who they are.  It is now evident that there is more fear and judgement that is holding humanity back than first anticipated. 

The dept of the fear and judgement is the reason for the current influx of energy.  It is to ensure that there will be no one left living in the void of false belief and ultimately that everyone will find and accept their own truth.  In fact if we all lived our life from our own instinct and intuition this world would be a dramatically different place, a world where we are filled with unlimited and unbounded energy, excitement, compassion and love.  Rather than the current experience that holds small bits of the former with often more common pieces of disbelief, exhaustion and disinterest among others.

The original intention of this new energy infusion was that it was to be intense and quick.    However, after the first 24 hours it was quickly reassessed and realigned with the intention to allow for a slower, gentler and more peaceful 30 day integration period.

The original intense shot of energy was shocking for a great number of people and led to many headaches along with various tensions throughout the body from head to toe.  Although the energy is now gentler, it is in no way subtle, nor is it suppose to be.  The intention is for each and every one of us to see what we have not wanted to see about ourselves.  This is what has led to the moodiness and agitation of many people including myself.  It is as though you are not angry or frustrated, just simply agitated in a profound way for seemingly no reason.  Indeed there is a reason, there always is.  It is the fact that we are now being asked to set up our healthy boundaries, take charge of our life, no longer blame others for our positions or situations and to make changes and take action where necessary.

Although many of us have known this for the past couple of years, it is no longer something we can put off and take care of later.  The Universe is saying You Deserve better NOW!  So take care of YOU, now. 

The next 30 days are unfolding in whichever way we choose, either we are out for a nice exhilarating hike in the woods or we are choosing to scale a rock face with absolutely no ropes, grips or support.  It is our choice as to how we accept change and what we do with it.  Whether we are annoyed and frustrated by it or we are surprised and welcome the change within.  We do not always have to like the moment we are in, but when we learn to accept the power that truth brings we will become more balanced and powerful. 

This new energy is showing us very clearly what is truth and what is illusion in our lives.  It is an experience much like taking yourself out of the driver’s seat and climbing into the back seat for a moment.  Doing this in order to have a whole new perspective and where you are going, where you have been and how you have interpreted your experience and even more important how you have interpreted who you are.

When we take the giant sip from the mug of courage that is always available to us and begin to see the true selves we are within, then we will be able accept who we are.  Being completely honest and accepting with ourselves is the greatest challenge for anyone in a human body.  Only because we have been trained and learned to believe otherwise.  When we follow our internal instinct and knowing we allow for acceptance from a basic and fundamental level.  It is the acceptance of self in the most pure form, seeing all of the aspects of who you are and knowing that you are perfect just as you are that will allow you to find that inner peace and profound contentment. 

All of these experiences can be challenging, yet they are so very important because it is only when the acceptance of truth of self occurs in its most pure form that we will then be able to accept it in others.  This new way of being is something that needs to be taught and learned as many of us have never experienced accepting ourselves as perfect, let alone accepting others in their entirety.  Be easy with yourselves as you encounter new and unique experiences, accept the teachers that the Universe offers you and cherish the moments of insight that come to you when you think you are teaching others but realize the message was just as profound for yourself. 

A great example of acceptance is that there are a few of you who will read this and see a multitude of grammar and spelling errors.  If that is what shines out for you from this message you are not reading with your heart, go back and read again.  When you receive the message with an open heart, you will feel respect and compassion for another Being with no personal judgement.   This is where your power comes from; the acceptance of who you are and ultimately who another is.   And that is the intention that we are moving into.  It is not in the fine details that we find the joy of life, it is in the experience of an open exchange of energy.

Over the next 30 days when you find yourself trying to “figure it out” in your head, go back and look with your heart, that is where you will find the answers you have been looking for!

Much love to you all.

From my Heart to yours,