I spent the last hour lying in bed doing my best to relax and drift off to sleep…clearly I did not get there.  Every time there is a new surge of energy to reach the planet we all experience it in a variety of ways.  Each new surge of incoming energy offers people a unique sequence of integration events that unfold differently from one person to the next.  You never know what it will be like when it arrives nor can you plan for the timing or the surroundings you find yourself in.  You are always exactly where you need to be.  


The energy simply arrives and you integrate it to the best of your ability.  The only choice in the entire process that is yours is whether you choose to integrate consciously or unconsciously.  This decision is the beginning and the end.  It is the place where once you make the decision there is no turning back.  Once a person decides to be conscious they can never go back into being unaware, no matter if at times, they dearly wish they could.  It is in those moments that the truth comes through and the realization of who you are shines the brightest so you are able to transcend the darkness (the physical you) and become the light (your Soul).


This last blast of energy that essentially began about 5 weeks ago is slowly coming to an end.  It began in a way that no one had ever felt before; it is completely new energy that was being introduced to allow for greater change to happen at a much faster rate.  The beginning of the surge felt slightly uncomfortable.  Then it moved strongly and swiftly and took us on a ride with moments of pure ecstasy with an indescribable lightness to feelings of downright “get me out of here”.  Ultimately, to arrive in our current position of a settling in phase.


Normally in my postings I do not explain the processes behind the events, I speak more of the event itself, however I am being told that now is the time to explain…


The energy of the Universe is equal.  As is the energy that is available to each and every Being (both physical and non-physical) living in this Universe.  We are all experiencing the same energy at the same time…in real time (real time is this exact moment, being the same exact moment for everyone in the Universe).  How you receive and process that energy is a combination of two things, both of which indicate your personal integration process of the any energy infusion.


The first indicator is your personal history.  This is the collection of all of your experiences in this lifetime, past lives and who you are at a Soul level.  Your history is what “tells” you how you are going to deal with the experience that is being presented to you.


The second indicator is how conscious you actually are of the process.  There are many varying degrees of consciousness; however it is your personal degree that will ultimately determine how you “feel” about the experience.  Your feelings are what establish how open you are to the energy that is being offered.  We are all different and will all welcome the different energy surges with varying degrees of openness from each other and from one surge to the next. 


It matters not if one person is more or less conscious than another, we are all experiencing the same energy at the same time, the difference is only in that our personal history dictates how it will unfold for us as an individual.


I write this for those who are at any position in the conscious direction; from being simply curious to having profound experiences and living a life of knowing.


This new energy that has arrived is exciting indeed.  It has allowed us to transform our relationships to everyone and everything in our energy field.  From the beginning of our experience here to the current moment, right now.  We have been given the gift of being pushed to where we are able to see who we are, how we relate to others and how others relate to us.  This also goes for how we relate to material things; otherwise known as our “stuff”. 


No longer are we able to hide behind being comfortable with mundane experiences, we now desire the fullness of each relationship.  The most profound change that we will experience with this new energy surge is that we will no longer be able to ignore this new desire.  Why?  Well, the Universal intention going forward has been changed at a fundamental level.  NOW is the time for everyone to experience a complete sense of contentment with each of their relationships, partnerships and experiences.  The most important relationship being the balance between the physical (human) and non-physical (Soul) aspects of self to create a deep contentment within inside.  How You relate to You will essentially facilitate an inner sense of wholeness.


There have been a number of physical reactions that have showed just how tumultuous this energetic integration has been.  I can only share my experiences, but hope it may help you to understand some of your own.  At the beginning of the shift, I had a rash break out over my neck, shoulders and face.  It had almost left, but has shown up again today as the new energy gives a last ditch surge as it anchors in.  I experienced many sleepless nights…like this one where all I can do is write, often not fast enough to keep up with the messages and energy.  There has also been an intense reaction to temperatures, from teeth chattering so badly I cannot even speak and sleeping in 3 layers of clothing to wearing next to nothing and breaking out in a sweat.  I have also experienced intense headaches and mild fevers over much of the past 5 weeks which is something I have not done for many years.  Finally I am sure we are in the final phases as my legs have begun to cramp up and feel like I need to continuously stretch them out, this is always a sure sign of completion for me.


I share this with you so you are able to see that although it is a conscious Soul experience, the physical human body still needs to integrate as much as our minds do.  It is all part of the process of moving forward and awakening to who we intended to be when we decided to come here.


There is one aspect that is so incredibly exciting about this new energy that has arrived and is now stabilizing.  It is the ability to have a clear and precise knowing of one’s Soul direction or purpose.  Since the early summer of 2009 when the energetic direction of the Universe shifted and we began the journey into the era of personal creation, an apparent direction or purpose had seemed to elude us.  Well, I am ecstatic (so much in fact that I am writing in the middle of the night) to say that it has arrived.


The energy that is one’s Soul nature has been substantially present for quite some time in this experience.  The new aspect is that now the ability to know where you are going is clearer than it has ever been.  I have had a number of clients this week and one after another for the first time ever I have been able to share with them a specific and precise direction and purpose like never before!  I have been asked this question for years and now the energy is finally available to answer it more clearly than ever before.


Nothing is available before we are ready.  So this last shift means that there are so many more people who are aware and ready to know who they are and more importantly are ready to step into that role!  It is amazing times indeed to be living and experiencing this amazing chain of events.  Each time one person becomes more aware, it raises the entire energy level of the planet.  Each time the energy level raises it allows for more people to become conscious and aware of what is really happening.  This last energy surge has been so profound it is a clear sign of just how many people are in fact open and awakening!


From the Heart,