Time is an aspect of being human.  We live within its parameters and are bound by its limitations.  It is now time for everyone who is having a human experience to choose their future.  The time has come to release the belief that we are bound to our situations and move into the lives we actually want to live.

There are many moments when we choose to take chances and there are more when we choose the path that is comfortable and that we know.  The path of comfort is not always the right one, it can often be the one that is most damaging to us, but we are afraid of change and the possibility of what that brings.

Well change is in the air and in the times.  We as Souls and in turn as people need to allow change to occur for us to evolve.  Evolution is a process in which we choose the life we are living; remember you have chosen the life you are living now.  Some are comfortable with their life and some are comfortable with aspects of their life and many are looking for more from their life.  This search is the beginning of the relationship between the physical and the Soul.

It is this relationship that will take us to where we wish to go, we just need to find the courage to allow that relationship to grow.  Through the grow there will inevitably much change and rather than having the constant desire to understand and figure out the change before we allow it to come to us, it is in fact time to embrace change and allow the flow of everything we are searching for and desire from our hearts to be able to come to us.

The simplicity in itself can be confusing and often overwhelming as we shed our old reactions and welcome more of who we are.  Learning to trust our instincts is something of an anomaly in this time as we have been told for eons that we are suppose to follow what other “people” are doing and not to fall too far outside of the lines.

Well if you are truly on the path to wanting to know more of who you are and why you are here, you will need to follow your instinct and stick to it when everyone else tells you to stay within the lines.  That is when you will see the most rewarding and most fulfilling changes and have the most incredible experiences. 

Trust in you and believe in what you are capable of, then others will believe it too.  Others can only see you as you see yourself, it is simply the energy that you are vibrating at that speaks louder than your words or your actions.