There is a time in every person’s life when they realize just what it is they are looking for and just what they have been missing.  Now is the time to review where you have been and where you are going.  Your relationship to you is of the utmost importance.  It is what will lead you to becoming more of who you are.  The Universal energy that is currently arriving and settling in is that of relationship.  How we relate to each other, how we relate to our experiences and possessions and how we relate to ourselves.

There seems to be a lingering effect that was caused by the physical growing process of the past.  It has taken a toll in ways that were never imagined and it is now time to change it.  When you make a decision to move more deeply into a relationship with your Soul, by joining who you are on a Soul level with your physical human experience, it can not only be challenging but terribly frightening.  This fear comes directly from that place, deep within your “mind”, that has been conditioned from the time of your physical arrival here.
Now is the time to remove the fear.  It sounds so simple yet doing it seems near to impossible. This is, in large part, due to the persistence of our mind trying to figure it out.  All of this said, now explained…the mind leads you to confusion.
The mind was created to appreciate experiences.  When we are in our natural states of Being, without the physical limitations (physical bodies), we have a complete and utter knowing and openness.  There is no desire to figure something or someone out.  We simply accept, respect and have such a deep compassion towards everyone we come into contact with.  It is the human side of us that has the desire to “figure someone out” or to “understand why something happened to us”.  It is this that we need to let go of.
Letting go…those two little words that seem to have complicated an entire movement towards consciousness.  "How do I let go?"  is the most common question I get and I must say that it was one of the biggest challenges in my own journey to remembering who I am.
Ok, so here is the answer.  I hope you are ready for it.  “It’s not about you”.  So simple, yet seemingly so complicated!  If you are trying to figure out (well mostly that is your first mistake…don’t try to figure anything out!) why something happened to you either yesterday or when you were a child, it actually has nothing to do with you.  The only part that should ever get any of your attention or time is your reaction to the event or situation.  This is yours and yours alone.  
Your reaction is not something to be analyzed or dissected by the mind.  That is the mind’s reaction and not what your Soul would do.  Your Soul would reflect and make note of your reaction, instantly see where the imbalance is and make a slight shift in energy to become more balanced.  I know this all sounds so simple yet so very complicated at the same time.  It is actually all in an effort to get you to release the desire to use the mind to reflect on a past experience and to engage the energetic aspect of you which is your Soul. 
We release the control that we have allowed our mind to have over our experience, by letting our feelings lead us.  Your human experience then has the ability to be completely transformed. Feelings and emotions are fundamentally different aspects of who we are.  Emotions are how our mind translates our feelings and most of the time it is incorrect.  This happens quite often in many people as they were taught at such a young age to ignore what they feel or that what they are feeling is not in fact correct.  My personal favourite – Have you ever been around a child and they say something like “ouch, that hurts” and your response is something like “that doesn’t hurt, don’t be silly”.  Seems innocent enough; however, this is how we have been emotionally conditioned.  If we would have asked “why does it hurt?” or “what makes it hurt?”, then you would have allowed them to be open to how they are feeling and been open yourself to how someone else is feeling.  Essentially, our experiences are all very bright and an indication of how open we actually are.  
Many people perceive themselves as being open, however this is often not the case.  To have an open heart, to allow energy to not only enter and exit but also to flow through you and fill you up is quite a unique experience indeed.  There are very few people who have in fact gotten to a point in their lives where they are balanced in all of three of these aspects.  And then it is even more rare to find a person who holds this balance through each day.
This balance is what many are searching for, because many of us know we are missing part of ourselves.  The interesting part is that the ego gets involved and tells us that we are missing a “larger” part and that it cannot be this simple or that we have a greater energy than another person. These are all indications of an ego that is imbalanced and your Soul is guiding you on a path by engaging you in experiences that will assist you in realigning your balance.
In our October, Remembering You – 2 day workshop on Tuesdays, October 19th & 26th, we will focus on becoming aware of this balance and beginning to remember what it feels like to be in this energetically balanced state.
This is also a very effective way of healing the physical body as we become more aware of the emotions that are effecting who we are and limiting our Soul expression.  Many times you will find this is the direct cause of your physical ailment and more importantly, you have the ability to transform this by shifting your awareness to being who you truly are.
Wishing you all, a plentiful and exciting journey that fills you with a “feeling” of complete contentment.
From my Heart to yours,