Yes, it is a most powerful time indeed.

There comes a time in all experiences when it is decided what the outcome will be.  This is the time for each and everyone to make the personal choices for what it is they wish to experience here and now and into the future.  The power to change direction is always with you, however, now is the time to create the outcomes you wish to take part in and see come to fruition.

It is also important to have a balance of Universal energy present in your creation in order to not control the steps with which you get to the unfolding.  It is a powerful process which has been going on for eons and will not change in fact it is becoming more powerful as the rate of enlightenment forges ahead.

There is time enough for everyone, however those who are forging ahead will recover first and see the path clearer than ever before.  It is a path of extraordinary circumstance filled with all of your most desired outcomes coming to you rather than needing to go looking for them.  Open your heart and create from a place of pure intent, minus the strong energy of the ego. This is challenging for many, however when you overcome this hurdle, the path becomes lighter and more appropriate for who you have become.

There are many people waking now to the feel of their inner longings, this is where the heart burns for more and creates a fire with which it is possible to create most anything.  It is vitally important however that you use this energy to create from a place outside of the human, more physical aspects of yourself, also known as the ego in order to not attract those experiences that you in fact do not wish to have.

When we begin to see the world through the space in which it was intended to be viewed, it becomes a very different place indeed.  One filled with love beyond any physical emotion we could possibly ever express.  A world in which an exchange with another soul, through a simple conversation with another person, takes us to higher energetic plane altogether.  The opportunities are endless and the outcomes are whatever your blazing heart can possibly come up with.  Unlike the human mind, the Soul knows no boundaries.  This is the energy that is available to create through…a no boundaries Universe for everyone with the focus being on self only.  Yes, leave the feelings of guilt aside.  For when you are full, that is when the exchange with another is on a completely different level.

Know also that as you go through your personal changes others are also experiencing theirs.  Do yourself and others the justice of allowing them their journey and even more importantly, allowing you to enjoy your journey.  This stage will only happen once and then it will be gone and you will be in a different energy experiencing new and exciting things that will need your focus then. Now is for you to enjoy now.

The key to this current energy is to be present and listen to your heart.  Your heart speaks much louder when your mind is quiet. It then has the ability to shine and blaze a trail of love so you are able to create exactly what it is you wish to experience. Remember to note that you are always worthy of any experience.  Keep that close to your heart as you encounter moments of fear or whenever your ego gets in the way and tells you to second guess yourself.

Follow your dreams and listen to them as well.  Your Soul will connect more than ever through the power of your dreams.  The biggest reason for this is the ego is completely out of the way!  It is a vehicle for your Soul to communicate your deepest desires and longings and how they are going to come to you.  Take the signs and run with them.  What you find will surprise even the most cynical you.  

Expect the unexpected and revel in the knowledge that you brought this experience on yourself.  The power in that is the power to change any experience you are currently having.  You are the only one who has the power to change your experience.

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