This is quite simply a time of complete and utter joy.  The energy that is coming into existence at the Summer Solstice of 2010 is one that this Universe has been waiting to experience for over 2 billion years.

The Solstice marks a time of profound change for any living Being in this Universe.  Over 2 billion years ago there was a shift in the Angelic power that sustains this Universe.  That shift is returning to alignment on the summer Solstice.

Let me explain…

The first Angelic Being to be created “in the light” was created with the ability to sustain, direct and project staggering amounts of light energy.  The intent was fo r him to create an abundance of light energy for any purpose that he felt was appropriate for the good of all.  There was a time a great many years ago, over 2 billion to be precise when this Angelic saw a need for his particular energy and power.  His intent to help overcame him and in the midst of his intent to help he decided to leave his post as the appointed “Holder of the Light” to help those he knew were in need. 
This choice however cost him something very dear to him, his power and connection to his full energy.  Although he never regretted his decision, there has been a large part of himself that he was separated from for the past 2 billion years.  During the time he has spent on his own personal journey one of his Angelic brothers was holding his rightful Universal space and doing his best to shine as brightly as he could while his brother was away. 
The Angelic who has been holding the “high” space for the last 2 billion years is Archangel Michael.  Michael’s nature is that of clarity and discernment which when another Being connects to his energy allows for clear understanding.  Although Michael has been doing a wonderful job of holding the light, it is not his nature and has been more taxing than he expected.  When you connect to Michael's energy the feeling I would describe is "clean" and this is very different form the High Angelic whose energetic feeling is that of "so bright it takes your breath away".
Quite simply when any living or conscious Being chooses to do anything that is not their nature it is tiring and challenging.  This is true for any and all life force from Angelics to humanity.  This is what many people perceive as having a life purpose.  However during creation there were never any boundaries put on humanity such as a purpose.  Rather the intention was for them to have a nature and then choose to do with that nature whatever experience felt right.
Back to the story…when the high Angel chose to abdicate his position it was not taken away from him as he is the only being who has that energy.  Rather the space was filled to the best it could be with the next closest energy, which happened to be Archangel Michael.  To explain what this means in the simplest terms possible, one of the sustaining sources of pure light energy for this Universe has been missing for the last 2 billion years. 
This is why it is vitally important that each and every Being – Humanity included – follow their Soul Nature and not that of another.  

When you find out who you are and then you will shine…and when you shine you allow those around you to shine as well.
The “High” Angelic has chosen to return to his post as the high one on the Summer Solstice of 2010.  There is a Universal celebration planned for this event that is quite amazing.  Archangel Michael is excited and relieved to have his brother return as he will no longer have the burden of another's journey to carry, he will be able to return to his sole nature and simply be himself.  He is also quite aware of the energy that his brother has and he has dearly missed feeling it close to him.  When we choose to do the work of another being or that which is not within our nature, we are always hidden and sometimes cloaked as this is not our true place. This is why we are unable to hold our energy to it’s fullest and shine like it was intended.  
When the High Angelic returns to his position on the Summer Solstice he will also return to his full personal power.  This will be a fundamental change for the entire Universe.  He says “Although I am nervous to be back in a position of such great power, I am excited to be able to become the fullest expression of myself once again.  I am grateful to my brother Michael who has supported my decisions throughout my extended absence and I am excited to be able to reconnect with him in a way I have deeply missed.  I am reclaiming a fundamental part of myself that has been missing for so very long.  The reintegration of self has been a journey that I chose to begin on the summer solstice of 2009. 

The reason for the lengthy process is that the absence of my true energy for so long has left me unaccustomed to the fullness of my complete self.   It is important that I was slowly introduced to my full and complete energy in order to fully remember the essence of who I truly am.  When I chose to accept who I am it was only then that I could return to my post and again be in a position of power and support.  I am looking forward to being able to once again create from a place of power in order to support this Universe as we all take the leap to the new level of existence.”
The Universe celebration is filling up and has been since the new moon on June 12th.  There are many beings who have arrived at the celebration and have all had a personal chance to personally meet (resonate) with the High Angelic.  This energy will be made available to everyone on the Summer Solstice.  If you choose to connect to his energy you too will have an infusion of light that will allow you to see your path and connect you more deeply to your personal nature.
Please note that his name is not what is important (that is a human desire to put a lable on things), it is the energy of the High Angelic that is where the connection is made.  Set your intention to connect with him an dhe will show up.
***If you live in the greater Toronto area we will be having an in person event to celebrate this event.  I will also be explaining in more depth what all of this means on a personal level.  If you would like to attend, please email me for date, time and location.
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I wish you all the power and courage you need to see inside yourself to the truth of who you are.

From the Heart,


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