Born with an incredible capacity to instantly see and feel what it is like to be you, Michelle understands what is challenging you from Your Soul’s Perspective.  Going far beyond the current limits of medical and scientific communities, Michelle uses her ability to Communicate with your Soul to help you Heal Your Self Worth in the most efficient and effective way possible.

 What is Self Worth?

Your Self Worth determines everything about your life.  How you see yourself.  How you relate to yourself and others.  How you relate to your experiences and opportunities.  How you feel about yourself and how you value yourself.  Each of these aspects alone impact your ability to succeed, but together they impact your ability to thrive. 

When you Heal Your Self Worth you recognize the inherent value and wisdom you have to offer, simply by being Who You Are.

Healing Your Self Worth is easier than you think.  

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Top 10 Signs Your Self Worth Needs Healing



  1.  You second guess yourself.
  2.  You forget what inspires you.
  3.  You need external reassurance to feel valuable.
  4.  You feel uncomfortable when others have different opinions.
  5.  You feel like it is up to you to keep the peace for all the people in your life.
  6.  You feel like the outside world doesn’t really get you.
  7.  You feel let down by most of the people and experiences in your life.
  8.  You feel uninspired to create change in your life.
  9.  You feel overcome when someone confronts you.
  10.  You are constantly wondering where the next ‘let-down’ is going to come from.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Vickers is a world renowned expert in Healing Self Worth and the author of Believe – understanding Who You Are to move beyond depression.  With grateful clients scattered across five continents, Michelle uses her extraordinary gifts to Transform the lives of those she works with from mundane into The Life that you were always meant to live.  Keep reading...


Depression is the result of a coping mechanism that occurs when the mind knows that it has been lied to.  

Michelle's first book Believe is filled with insight into who you are and what you ARE capable of, helping you overcome depression once and for all.  Learn more...

believedragonflywebsitelogoMISSION: To help as many people as possible Become who they were always meant to be.


believedragonflywebsitelogoVISION: To live in a world where every person is confident, comfortable and powerful in who they are.


believedragonflywebsitelogoVALUES: Truth, Integrity, Compassion & Respect.  Everything we do is about helping you Heal Your Self Worth.